5 Tips for Navigating the Awkwardness of College

Dear Awkward College Students,

As a fellow awkward student now in my third year at Ohio State, I’ve had my share of awkward situations and look forward to many more in years to come. In the meantime, I hope to share a few pieces of wisdom on how to embrace your own awkwardness and make the most of the precariously awkward situations you may find yourself in throughout your time at Ohio State. Although you may not be able to change your awkward nature, you can still thrive in a world that hates awkwardness.

1. Improper and Destructive Ways of Dealing with Awkwardness

Let’s start off with a few things that feed the insatiable creature that is awkwardness.

Texting or tweeting at people in your life who deserve a real conversation. Technology allows us the ability to say things to people that maybe would be awkward or uncomfortable in person. Although it may be easier and feel safer to tweet a passive-aggressive comment about your roommate and the dishes that have been piling up for weeks, don’t expect anything to change by you offending the roommate in front of your Twitter followers. Other situations that deserve at least a phone call if not a face to face interaction include: roommate disputes, asking someone on a date, breaking up with someone, and apologizing if you have hurt someone.

Avoiding awkwardness by turning to alcohol in social situations. This is an extremely unhealthy way to treat alcohol and college is a time where you have ample opportunities to LEARN how to talk to people. Alcohol should not be necessary to “have a good time” or meet other human beings.

2. “Roomie, We Need to Talk”

Living with people is hard, no matter how long you have known them. Wherever you find yourself living during your time at Ohio State, if you have roommates/housemates, you will find awkward situations. However, to successfully live with someone–and in any healthy relationship in life–communication is key. Sometimes that means you must have awkward and uncomfortable conversations where you address the things that your roommate does that bothers you or makes you uncomfortable. Many times they do not realize what they do makes you uncomfortable because you never told them, so be direct but also patient and gracious.

3. Traveling Around Campus

You can easily find the students that are glued to their phones, earbuds in, and therefore closed to any social interaction on their way to class, maybe a head nod for the guy that lived on their floor freshman year or creepy wink for the girl in their Biology class as they pass them on the Oval. Rather than escaping into your music as you head to Chemistry lecture, LOOK UP, and enjoy the beautiful campus full of really awesome people! Also, it’s good practice to say “Hi” to the people you recognize (or even strangers, if you are feeling extra friendly), even if you don’t know their name; the alternative of looking down at your phone to avoid eye contact is far worse and far more awkward for everyone. The same goes for buses–you can talk to the people on the bus, it’s allowed!

4. Making Conversation

As you are meeting loads of people, this means you actually have to hold conversations…I know, scary, right? Luckily, everyone in college is in similar phases of life; we are all trying to figure out our own lives and endure similar struggles. This makes conversation easy, so introduce yourself, ask people about their lives, and don’t be afraid to take it deeper than the “Hi, how are you?” “Good, how are you?” interaction that plagues college campuses. The answer “good” really means anything from great to absolutely awful. Ask questions, get to know people, and listen to their stories, because the surface level conversations get pretty old after awhile.

5. Awkwardness in Class

College classrooms are also an awkward hot spot. Many college students use the time before class, or even during class, to scroll through social media, text their friends, or swipe left and right on the latest dating app. College is a unique experience in our lives where we are surrounded by tons of people with very diverse perspectives on life, so take advantage of it! Meeting people in class is an awesome way to form study groups, make new friends who are interested in similar things you are, and make those 8 a.m. classes even more enjoyable as you get to learn about neat things and see your friends, too!


May this picture of me in a very awkward stage of my life (that arguably is still ongoing) encourage you in your pursuit of fully embracing the awkward to make your Ohio State experience a little more pleasant and free from avoidable awkwardness.

5 things I wish I had known in my first few weeks on campus

It’s okay to ask for directions

I remember walking around completely lost my first week of college desperately trying to find my class. Despite having the Ohio State mobile app on my phone, I still could not seem to find my class. As I walked around campus and saw students who clearly were upperclassmen, I refused to ask for help. I remember thinking, “if I ask for help, they’ll know I’m a freshman!” However, as I look back and laugh at my freshman self, I realize how silly that was of me. Sure, if I had asked for directions they would have known I was a freshman…but who cares? On a campus of 60,000 students, the likelihood of me ever seeing that upperclassman again was slim to none. Even if I did see them again they probably wouldn’t even remember me. All I know is asking another student for directions would have been a lot less embarrassing than walking into class late.


The best way to learn the CABS system is to ride it!

If you are anything like me, you were probably handed what feels like five different versions of the CABS (Campus Area Bus Service) map at Orientation and during Welcome Week. I remember looking at these maps trying to figure out what all the different colors on the map meant and which bus went which direction…only to end up more confused. No matter how much time I spent looking at the maps, what I realized is the easiest way to learn the bus system is to just ride it! When I finished class for the day I would use the OSU Bus app to try and figure out how to get back to my residence hall via bus. After just a few trips actually on the bus, I felt way more comfortable with the system. Try it out now because you will appreciate knowing the bus routes when the snow starts to fall and the buses become crowded!

CABS bus

Always carry an umbrella

Since I grew up in California where the sun was shining almost 365 days a year, I didn’t believe anyone when they told me the weather in Columbus could change drastically in a matter of minutes. I remember my mom telling me before she left, “no matter how sunny it is when you leave for class, put your umbrella in your backpack.” As a typical teenager, I didn’t listen to my mom and I still remember my very first day of college leaving for class in my shorts and a tanktop and by the end of day looking like a drowned rat because of the afternoon storm that rolled in. Don’t learn the hard way: buy a small umbrella and just throw it in the bottom of your backpack!

OSU UmbrellaYou don’t have to be best friends with your roommate!

I still remember going to practically every Welcome Week event with my roommate. While this was great and made us both feel comfortable, when classes started and we started to make other friends I was kind of bummed that the girl who I had known for a week and seemed like she was my new best friend for life may not be. While we may not have been best friends, we were phenomenal roommates. There is a major difference between a best friend and a roommate. While yes, some people are best friends with their roommates (which is awesome!), if you’re not, that’s totally okay and normal! You don’t have to force yourself to be best friends! Just remember, there are tons of other places to meet your new best friend- try a student organization, on your floor, or in class!

Don’t be on your phone during class.

I remember looking around in my first college class and seeing older students scrolling through various social media on their phone. I, too, pulled out my phone as I tried to fit in during my next few weeks. However, one day in my Stats class, I accidentally held the home button and sure enough Siri began to talk to me. Let me just tell you how awkward it is when a professor asks a question and is waiting for students to respond and Siri says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.” While I may have had to learn the hard way my first year, learn from me! If that’s not enough reason for you to put your phone away, just think about how much money you are spending to be in each one of those classes. Believe it or not, professors have a LOT of valuable information to teach you and you will learn a lot more if you are actually paying attention.


A Southern Buck-I-SERV Spring Break

Your first spring break in college… we’ve all been there at one point or another. Was it as fun as you expected? Did you meet any new people? Is reality hitting you hard in the face because of how awesome it was?

If you would have asked me what I was doing for spring break in December, I probably would have said something along the lines of “I’m going to the Bahamas with my friends,” however, I did something else and it was an AMAZING experience. First year or not, listen up when I say that Buck-I-SERV at Ohio State is such a rewarding organization and I encourage everyone to participate in at least one before you graduate.

Wondering why?

I was asked to be a trip leader for a trip to Mullens, West Virginia, during spring break. When first asked I was kind of skeptical; I mean, why Mullens? Of course I learned more information about the destination.

Mullens is a town in southern West Virginia that is experiencing many hardships at the moment. You see, Mullens used to be a town where things happened. Downtown was booming and there were many residents. In recent years, residents  are finding a lack of jobs, which leads to the younger generations leaving the town.

Mullens is a great little town, it reminds me of my own little hometown. Everyone knows one another and everyone is SO FRIENDLY. It was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of schoolwork and the city for a while. I didn’t know how much I was missing nature (or the woods) until I stayed in Twin Falls State Park. The scenery, the hills, the trees, the waterfalls — everything about it was gorgeous.

There were six of us, including our advisor. It was a tiny group, but we had SO MUCH FUN. We were able to volunteer at the Mullens Opportunity Center (otherwise known as the MOC). They actually had a pretty horrible flood the week before we got there, so a lot of our work was to help with the outdoor cleanup.

We worked with students from the University of Baltimore (they were awesome, by the way) the entire week. We shoveled up the fallen dirt to rebuild the hillside by a river behind the MOC, we filled in holes in the concrete with gravel, but our biggest project was the High Tunnel.

You see, the MOC is an awesome place. This opportunity center holds workshops for the residents of Mullens that can help them in nearly all aspects of life. They have a workout room, a lawyer’s office, line dancing, a computer lab where individuals can earn their GED and SO many other programs. They also have fitness programs going on, where individuals can keep track of how many laps they took around the gym and the activity they’re involved in. If that wasn’t awesome enough, they hand out prizes to the person who completed the most that week. LIKE COME ON THAT’S CRAZY COOL.

One of the MOC’s coolest projects, in my opinion, is their Farm to School campaign. Basically, this campaign is to try and get local farmers to grow fruits and vegetables for the schools in the county. Eventually, they would like each school to have their own High Tunnel to grow produce for the community. (A high tunnel is a fancy word for a greenhouse, in case you’re wandering, as I was.) We worked on constructing this and getting top soil and compost for the beds. By the time we were leaving they were working on the roof.

Hands down, this trip was such a blast. The workers at the MOC were so thankful we had decided to come and showed us so much love. It was an amazing experience.

One of the last nights we were there, we had a campfire with the University of Baltimore where a local orator told us stories about the town’s history and scary stories. We roasted marshmallows and listened to a delightful woman sing. It is so nice knowing that we helped make a difference.

I love the little town of Mullens, and I want them to thrive. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend the week with some new friends, make some memories, and help make a difference. If you ever have the chance to go on a Buck-I-SERV trip, GO. I promise you will love it.

Scarlet Scramble is Back

Did you know University Hall is the real building used as Hollis College in Pretty Little Liars? Or that the first Wendy’s restaurant ever opened was in Columbus? Do you think you can eat a stack of Sloopy’s pancakes faster than anyone else? Then boy do I have an event for you — Scarlet Scramble 2015 is here!

So what is Scarlet Scramble?

It’s a 24-hour campus and city adventure that includes challenges, trivia questions, and clues to decode. Teams compete from 6 p.m. on March 27 to 6 p.m. on March 28 to earn points and win prizes (like Amazon and HOMAGE gift cards). The Scramble is brought to you by First Year Experience, and each team should have at least five first year students, but can have up to five other students (non first-years) too.

You know you want a new HOMAGE shirt.

You know you want a new HOMAGE shirt.

I participated in my first Scarlet Scramble my freshman year and have helped plan it the last two years. It is one of my favorite events on campus because not only do you get a sweet T-shirt just for signing up, you also get to run around campus with your friends, learn something new while you’re doing it, and compete for prizes! Plus you end up with some pretty cool pictures like these.

TBT to Scarlet Scramble 2013

TBT to Scarlet Scramble 2013

TBT to Scar Scram 2014

TBT to Scarlet Scramble 2014

To learn more about #ScarScram2015, check out the video below!

Registration is open until March 9. To sign up for the best time of your life visit fye.osu.edu/scarletscramble.

See you March 27!

It’s Not Too Late to Join a Student Org!

After already completing your first semester at Ohio State, some of you may feel it is too late to get involved on campus.

While some students get involved right away, many students choose to focus on their classwork when they first come to school, and choose not to have outside distractions. With all of the changes and adjustments, your first semester is often more overwhelming than many would assume.

While some dive in with full force, many choose to test the water first!

After the rush of Welcome Week, and the fall and spring involvement fairs, you may fear it is pointless or too late to join an organization partway through the year. However, it is not too late take that jump!


As a matter of fact, many organizations are still seeking or recruiting members! We’ve talked to a few organization leaders from across campus who can provide a bit more information about some of these available and awesome opportunities.


I. American Association of University Women

Name: Cassidy Horency

Status: Currently seeking new members

We are a new organization on campus and this is only our second semester, so we are looking for more people! It’s part of a national organization and members can apply for scholarships and grants through it. We usually have pizza. It’s better late than never to join an organization.

II. Buck-I-Serv

Name: Allie Loughry

Status: Currently seeking new members

First-year students should apply for a summer Buck I Serv trip because it’s a great way to give back to the community, spread the Buckeye spirit and meet new people!

III. DanceSport

Name: Jessica Gregory

Status: Currently seeking new members

It’s a great way to meet new people and meet people with similar interests. Members can benefit from this organization because you learn how to dance tons of different ballroom dances and can take your new skills to places around Columbus like La Fogata, which has salsa dancing nights. We are constantly growing and looking for new members.

IV. Delta Sigma Phi fraternity

Name: Alec Wuorinen

Status: Currently seeking new members

Great way to meet new people (lots!) and learn great things about yourself. With more friendships comes greater diverse connections!

V. Institute of Industrial Engineers

Name: Gunnar Smyth

Status: Currently seeking new members

All Industrial Engineering students should join because we go to both the regional and national conference to meet other IEs, learn about the major, and connect you to job opportunities. Leadership positions are available.

VI. John Glenn Civic Leadership Council

Name: Andy Krupin

Status: Currently seeking new members

We host a wide range of meeting activities! There’s something for everyone. Between current events jeopardy and different service projects, the CLC is a great way to learn about your community and make a difference in it, too. The more people we have, the bigger potential impact we can make.

VII. Muslim Students Association

Name: Yousef Yacoub

Status: Currently seeking new members

If you’re a Muslim or interested in Islam, I definitely recommend coming to our weekly general body meetings on Fridays at 6 p.m. in the Interfaith Room on the 3rd floor of the Union, where we host world-renowned Islamic scholars to learn more about the Islamic faith.

VIII. Ohio Staters, Inc.

Name: Joanie Garcia

Status: Currently seeking and recruiting new members

Ohio Staters, Inc. is the oldest student service organization on campus that promotes the welfare and traditions of the university. This org. helps connect students with the deep roots of the university and network with faculty while creating a close community of thinkers, believers, and doers.

IX. Phi Alpha Delta

Name: Leila Khamees

Status: Currently seeking new members

It’s specifically for people interested in law (it’s a pre-law fraternity). We learn if law school is for us, how to apply, what to expect on the LSAT and in law school. Also, we all become super close and have tons in common!

X. Phi Delta Epsilon: Pre-med fraternity

Name: Jenna Murray

Status: Currently recruiting new members (in the fall)

Phi Delta Epsilon is always looking for new members who want community and support through the pre-med process. Meet people who have taken similar classes, form study groups, and be friends!

XI. Psychology Student Ambassadors

Name: Myra Saeed

Status: Currently recruiting new members (for fall)

They should apply to Psych Ambassadors early this semester if they’re psych majors because we do a lot of working with incoming freshmen and program a lot of social and educational events. Also, we’re super tight with the department and that’s awesome!

XII. UNICEF-OSU (United Nations Children’s Fund)

Name: Caroline Tritt

Status: Currently seeking new members

This is a fantastic organization if you’re interested in children’s rights. We educate, advocate, and fundraise on behalf of the U.S. fund for UNICEF to help children in over 190 countries receive an education, get clean drinking water and nutritious foods, immunizations, help with HIV/AIDS, and provide relief in emergency situations. UNICEF is the most efficient humanitarian organization in the world and all the money we raise is doubled through an outside fund! We also talk about current issues affecting children!


Just remember:

It’s not too late to find your niche on campus. It’s sometimes less intimidating to join an organization in the winter because fewer events are going on than in the fall! You’ll be able to hit the ground running after summer break!” ~Stephanie Demos


Then and Now: Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is one of Ohio State University’s most iconic landmarks. Many students are familiar with its accompanying wildlife social media sensations including Afro Duck and the crew (will we ever see you all again?), but many are less familiar with Mirror Lake’s over 100-year history.

Let’s take a closer look at the lake’s transformation over the years.

I. Beginnings

Back in 1873, Mirror Lake was not simply, well, Mirror Lake, or at least the way we know it today. A stream called “Neil Run” flowed from the Olentangy River to High Street, emptying into a wetland stretching across what is today the entire South Oval.


II. Narrow escape from death

Eventually, however, the water was diverted into a sewer system and the remaining wetland, once fed by an underground bog system, dried up. The lake was faced with its seemingly inevitable demise.

But do not fear, for the great people of Ohio State stood up and took action against this blasphemy; they demanded that water should once again flow into the area and university officials listened to their pleas.

III. Transformations and additions

Mirror Lake used to have islands that were attainable via bridges. These awesome tree-covered islands would eventually fall victim to a storm that damaged the Columbus area. Although a tragedy, Mirror Lake was reconstructed and the memorial fountain, still seen today, was added as a replacement.


In more recent history, Mirror Lake has also enjoyed some renovations. A brick floor as well as a concrete boundary were added to prevent erosion and infiltration of groundwater. In addition, the water in the lake, which drains into the Olentangy River, is supplied by the city of Columbus’s municipal water supply.

The Browning Amphitheatre also accompanies Mirror Lake, located off its southern bank. Originally the Browning Dramatic Society dedicated the amphitheatre to the performances of Shakespeare’s plays; however, the society later dissolved and the amphitheatre turned into an outdoor study space for students.


Eventually, however, a group called Ohio Staters, Inc. would bring new life to the amphitheatre by renovating it into an outdoor performance center that is today used for concerts, plays, dance shows, and of course, the occasional wedding or two.

IV. Accompanying traditions

Mirror Lake has always hosted student activity. One (no longer active) tradition was a tug-of-war competition over the lake between freshmen and sophomore students. Another (actually active) tradition is when Ohio Staters, Inc. hosts their annual “Light Up the Lake” celebration. During this event the trees surrounding Mirror Lake are decorated with winter lights and students gather to see them alighted. This winter event also features musical performances, speakers and of course, “Carmen, Ohio.”

V. Legendary status today

During its early years, Mirror Lake was close to being paved over and replaced by just another road on Ohio State’s campus but thankfully its historical significance and scenic value make it one of the most revered places on campus and a “must” for your next Instagram picture. Although it has undergone many transformations over the years, Mirror Lake holds a firm place in Ohio State’s history and will without a doubt continue to house traditions and Buckeye memories in the future.

How to become an RA — and why you should

Every Ohio State student on who lives campus has an RA.


These people ARE really awesome, but RA also stands for Resident Advisor.

Exactly one year ago I had never considered being an RA. After two years of living in a residence hall, I was going to move off campus with my friends and leave dorm life behind. But as I started to think about the effect I could have on potential residents, even in the smallest way, I knew that being an RA could really change my college experience for the better. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made at Ohio State, and I would encourage anyone who is even remotely interested to apply.

So you may be asking, “What does a day in the life look like for an RA?” Well let me tell you.

We bring residents to events around campus.


We plan programs within the residence hall (or on the Oval in this case).

Capture the Flag on the Oval!

Our complex played Capture the Flag on the Oval during Welcome Week.

We decorate the halls and build community within the residence hall.


In addition to all this, we do rounds, discuss difficult issues with our residents, and work closely with our Hall Directors, Resident Managers, and other Resident Advisors. It’s a tough job, but it’s also really rewarding.

Now you may be asking, “How do I apply for this Really Amazing position?” Not to fear — there are 3 easy steps!

1. Attend an information session to get a more in-depth debriefing of the position. (There is one on November 13 at 8:30 p.m. in the Steeb basement of Smith-Steeb Hall.)

2. Get references from people who know you well.

3. Write unique essays that explain why you want the job and why you think you would be good at it.

And that’s it! My advice is to really think about why you want the position and how you think you can make a difference in the lives of your residents. You will be trained in every aspect of the job, but for now, if you have a passion for helping others and a good work ethic, this could be the perfect job for you.

The application deadline is November 21 — now go get writing!



I Wrote This With My Tears












Hello readers, just an emotional senior over here writing a blog post for first-year students with my tears. Casual.

When I think back on the summer before my freshman year, I had a lot of emotions going on. I was beyond excited to finally go to college at The Ohio State University, nervous about leaving my friends and family at home and absolutely terrified because I didn’t know what to expect as a student at Ohio State. My life was going to completely change and I had no idea how I would handle the transition. For you first-year students who are moving to campus in, oh, approximately SIXTEEN DAYS, I imagine you’re feeling similar emotions, experiencing similar fears, and fluctuating between this…








…or this…








…or maybe this…







…all while attempting to prepare yourself to start at The Ohio State University.

My situation now isn’t too different. I’m approaching my last semester at The Ohio State University (I’m graduating early in December. Totally not freaking out or anything. Like, it’s fine. BRB, CRYING IN THE FETAL POSITION).






And guess what? I’m still scared of the unknown. For the first time, my path isn’t directly laid out at my feet. After high school, I had to make the choice of where to go to college, but there wasn’t a question of going. Now, I could look for a job, apply to graduate schools or enroll in a service program. I could also move back home (hi, Mom and Dad!) but we’ll say that’s not an option right now. Three years ago as I was coming to The Ohio State University, I also didn’t know where my path would lead me over the next four years. I could switch my major (and I did); I could join any student organization (or none at all); I could decide who I wanted to be at this huge university where nobody knew me. Though this idea is terrifying, it’s one that first-year students should appreciate because of the opportunities that await you.











Really! One of my favorite things about Ohio State is the limitless choices that students here have. No Buckeye will follow the exact same path as anyone before or after them; the combination of academics, involvement, interests and activities that mark their time as an Ohio State student is completely unique. To my incoming Buckeye friends – take advantage of this. Pursue what interests you, whether that is your passion for history that results in a Folklore minor or your love of The Best Damn Band In The Land that sees you at the Lincoln Tower fields on Friday nights to watch their final pre-show practice. It is these things that make Buckeyes love Ohio State in their own unique ways.









You can do what you want to do and be who you want to be here at the greatest university, and I am so jealous and so excited that you have the next four whole years to do just that. You may ask yourself this question like little David after the dentist,










But the sad news is, your time at Ohio State will eventually end. As Carmen Ohio states,

The seasons pass, the years will roll…

It’s incredibly true that all of a sudden you’ll be scheduling your last semester of classes and wondering where the years went. Cherish your time on campus, find the friends who will become your family and treasure your memories. I’m taking inspiration from Bilbo Baggins in how I’m looking at the next phase of my life:







You’re doing just the same by coming to The Ohio State University. And hey, if you need to write a reminder to yourself on move-in day or President’s Convocation or the first day of classes, I’ll have the same thing on my hand during Commencement on December 21st:

The 34 Best Instagram Opportunities on Ohio State’s Campus

Hello again, Buckeyes! I’m excited to talk about one of my favorite things: Instagram.

I find that Instagram is the most accessible and entertaining way to share my experiences. I love scrolling through my collection of Instagram photos as a way of recording and reliving my time at Ohio State so far.

On this 34th day of orientation, I’m sharing 34 of the best Instagram opportunities on Ohio State’s campus. Whether you’re in it for the “likes” or photography, enjoy my suggestions of insta opportunities.

1. Your Buck-ID. When you’re #new2osu, be sure to Instagram your BuckID. Just make sure to cover your student ID number in the lower left corner.

2. Orientation Group. Grab your group photo from the First Year Experience Facebook page to immortalize your college kick-off: orientation!


3. Convocation. The first time that the incoming Class of 2018 will be together at once. Imagine an Instagram with 7,000 new Buckeyes in it together.



4. New Friendship. Whether you’re with your new friends or roommate(s), share this moment. Your friends from home will be glad to see you’re not alone at school.

5. Welcome Week Concert. The Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) hosts a welcome back concert each fall.

6. Your first home on campus. This could be your residence hall, or, for commuting students, the Ohio Union.

Baker Hall East 2013

Baker Hall East 2013

7. The Oval. Any angle of the grassy Oval will perfectly capture something best described as “so college.”

8. Thompson Statue & Library. An image of this statue in front of the beautiful library glistening in the sunshine captures our tradition and excellence.

9. Thompson Stacks. These multi-colored stacks are encased in glass; perfect for a quirky insta.


10. Thompson Library at night. This west side of Thompson includes a glorious nighttime view of the glass windows and lights.


11. Aerial view of The Oval. From the 14th floor of Thompson Library, you can see the entire Oval.

12. Scarlet Skyway. The rose colored glass walkway attached to the RPAC can’t be missed.

13. The RPAC. The Recreation and Physical Activity Center is the largest rec center on a college campus.

14. Lincoln and Morrill Tower. The Towers are a West Campus staple.


15. Ohio Union. Inside or outside, this place is fondly referred to as the “living room of campus.”

16. Bronze Brutus. Some call it cliche, I call it part of the Buckeye experience. Get a picture of yourself alongside Bronze Brutus in the Union.

17. Mirror Lake. Once reconstruction on this famous lake is finished, show the world it is better than before with a beautiful picture.

18. Browning Amphitheater. This hidden gem beside Mirror Lake is historical  and looks fantastic when covered in snow.

19. Light Up the Lake. This wintery celebration around Mirror Lake is perfect for a candle-lit moment.

20. Ohio Stadium/The Shoe. Need I say more about game day at Ohio State? #NoFilter on a the sea of scarlet and grey.


21. The Rotunda. This feature outside of the Shoe is designed like the Roman Pantheon.


22. Men’s Basketball Game. Enter the NutHouse and feel the energy.

23. The Numbers Garden. These large numbers are too unique to ignore.

24. Page Hall. Daytime or night, don’t miss The Oval’s most recently-renovated building.

25. The Seal. Ohio State’s emblem/seal can be found throughout campus.


26. Orton Bell Tower. This historic and Hogwarts-style building is my personal favorite.

27. “Summer’s heat.” Follow the lyrics to our alma mater “Carmen, Ohio” and take an outdoor photo of friends enjoying the sunshine.

28. “Winter’s cold.” Make the most of winter with a snowy Instagram of your favorite building on campus.

29. Whispering Wall. At the eastern edge of the Oval, find this wonder(ful) wall.

30. BuckeyeThon. Share your team color and support for this moving dance marathon.


31. President Drake. Everyone loves a celebrity photo. Make it a goal to meet Dr. Drake (and Instagram it).

32. University Hall. Known as the “most photographed building on campus”, it’s the perfect nighttime Instagram.


33. Brutus Buckeye. Our beloved mascot…enough said.

34. O-H-I-O. Find three other Buckeyes, any of the suggestions above, and feel the Ohio State spirit.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I can only imagine the stories that will come from your first year in photos. Stay tuned for Mark’s post on Monday about 35 Adjectives to Describe Your First Year.

Until next time,


21 Events to Experience on Campus

For Ohio State students, there is always something to do around campus. Here are some highly anticipated events that I recommend you experience during your first year:

1) Buck-i-FrenzyThis is my favorite fall event which takes place before the first day of class. Buck-i-Frenzy is a “lifestyle festival” that features local and national companies, each giving out many, many samples (basically lots of FREE STUFF).

2) Community Commitment: A day of service for all Ohio State students to volunteer around Columbus.

3) BuckeyeThon: Like to have fun while supporting a good cause? Take part in BuckeyeThon, a 24-hour dance marathon that raises money to support children treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

4) Hockey Game: Want a fun and FREE night with friends? Check out the Ohio State Men’s Hockey team as they compete against other schools. Just bring your BuckID!

5) Movie on the Oval: Grab your blanket and friends and come watch a movie on the Oval! Free food and snacks provided 🙂

6) Homecoming Parade: Watch the Buckeye community parade down High Street— music, cheering, and all!

7) Study Abroad ExpoPlanning on studying abroad? The study abroad expo is a great first step to take. Make sure to come with questions to ask the experts!

8) Welcome Week Concert: Come out and enjoy some music with your fellow Buckeyes! Past performances include 2 Chainz and The Band Perry.

9) Taste of OSUA great evening filled with cultural performances, exhibits and food from all around the world.

10) Football Games: Need I say more? Even if you don’t buy season tickets, Ohio State football games are something to definitely experience at least once during your college career.

11) Group Fitness classes: As a student with a BuckID, you can take advantage of all the great programs Ohio State Recreational Sports has to offer, especially all of the group fitness classes! You can find the group fitness schedule on recsports.osu.edu.

12) Skull Sessions: Held two hours before every home game, skull sessions are concerts/pep rallies with over 10,000 fans in attendance.

13) Involvement Fair: Your greatest opportunity to get involved by finding an organization or club that fits your interests. This is one of the most exciting events of the year!

14) Columbus Welcome event: A large-scale event where all first years are transported from campus to Nationwide Arena and given a taste of all that Columbus and Ohio State has to offer!

15) Basketball games: Ohio State Men’s basketball games are a great display of school spirit and camaraderie. Come to the Schottenstein Center and cheer on the Buckeyes!

16) Big Free Concert: Hosted by the Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB), this free concert is an annual springtime event. Past performances have included Childish Gambino and Skrillex!

17) MLK Day of Service: Hosted by Pay It Forward (an organization that sponsors several service events throughout the year), this particular service project takes place on Martin Luther King day.

…He who is greatest among you shall be a servant. That’s the new definition of greatness…Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.

18) Convocation:  Your first official welcome to the Ohio State community! At convocation, you will hear from several university leaders, faculty, and special guests, as well as experience the several different time-honored university traditions.

19) Light Up the Lake: Hosted by the Ohio Staters, Inc., this event takes place after Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season! Students hang up seasonal lights around Mirror Lake and Browning Amphitheatre for this lovely lighting ceremony.

20) Synchronized Swimming meets: What better team to watch than the multi-U.S. National champions, AKA the Ohio State Synchronized Swim Team? Add this to your Ohio State bucket list!

21) Homecoming Pep Rally: A large-scale event held in the Ohio Union featuring several guest speakers in order to rally support for the football team against their opponents in the Homecoming game.

Make sure to tune in on Wednesday (orientation day 23) – Alex will share 23 Things to Do on the Weekends!