Preparing for winter: 10 things you’ll want to bring back to campus

Within the next few days you may be making the trek back to your beloved hometown. While enjoying break and the convenience of a warm car to get you places, you may forget that you actually have to walk around campus when you return. And not only is this campus large, but it’s in Ohio. That means we have all four seasons. One of which is winter. Ah, yes. Some of you may love the winter wonderland that we call Ohio. And others of you you may be counting down the days until you can tan on Oval Beach. But whether you love this time of the year or passionately hate it, you will need to prepare for it. So to help you determine what you need to bring back from break to make you the warmest you can be, listen up. You’ll need the ten following things:

  • Gloves/mittens 
  • Well-insulated coat 
  • Winter boots 
  • Hat
  • Sweaters 
  • Hand and feet warmers
  • Thick socks
  • Blankets
  • Hot cocoa/coffee
  • Soup

If you gather up all of these items and bring them back to school, the winter months should become more bearable. If you don’t have these items, really try to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or Macklemore-it-up and go thrift shopping.

If you bundle up as much as Ron Swanson, you should be prepared.Final tip: Don’t forget that when it’s cold, people tend to stay inside more! Remember to bring back movies, video games, books, crafts, knitting supplies, and/or whatever else keeps you busy!

Wishing you a winter free of polar vortexes,