Want $10??? We need participants!!!

Participants for what?

  • Research study!!
  • Goal of study: better understand how people interact and/or communicate with people who have similar or different neurotypes
  • Process of study
    • Meet virtually with a researcher and 1 other participant for about 30 mins.
    • Complete a survey about characteristics about yourself and about your experience completing the task
    • Describe an image for another participant to draw OR listen to another participant’s instructions to draw an image

Am I eligible?

  • Need to be 18 years or older
  • Non-autistic OR person who identifies as autistic, a person with autism, or on the spectrum (formal diagnosis or self-identification is accepted)
  • Do you have access to a working Internet, Zoom, computer camera, and computer microphone?
  • Do you have access to physical or digital drawing materials? (At least 4 different colors of a writing utensil)
  • Do you speak and understand English?


  • Contact
    • Morgan Oates
      • oates.65@osu.edu
    • Allison Bean
      • bean.61@osu.edu
    • Langugae, Assistive Tech., and Austism lab
  • You get $10 simply by participating!!!

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