Student Spotlight-Meet John

John is a 1st year student enrolled in the 4 year TOPS program. 

He is really interested in becoming a first responder.

He currently works as an information desk intern at McCampbell Hall where he screens people in, gives them masks, and greets them. His favorite part about his job is that he gets to talk with people from all different backgrounds and brighten their day.

John is part of the first class of TOPS students to live on campus. He really likes living on campus and it has taught him to always be aware of his surroundings and to gain independent living skills.

His favorite class he’s taken so far is Intro to Criminal Justice and he’s enjoyed learning a lot about different histories of court cases and the criminal justice system.

He likes OSU and the TOPS program because it’s a very diverse atmosphere where he gets to meet a wide variety of people. He loves meeting people from different cultures and getting to experience new things

He likes to journal a lot and listen to music (specifically country and broadway) in his free time.

He’s a second generation buckeye and he was born in Kien Giang, Vietnam!

John on the right with fellow first year student and roommate Quinn.

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