Dr. Breitenberger Reflection

I think it is very important to acknowledge women’s accomplishments throughout history. I found it interesting to see that most of the women that were mentioned had connections to wealthy men. It showed that if a woman wanted to have an education or participate in science, she had to be from a high class background. One exception to this was Mary Anning. She had no connections and was often in poverty. This made it even easier for men to claim her discoveries as their own. In class, we talked about some potential reasons that women are left out of history. These include lack of access and the fact that women were written out of history. Many had their ideas accredited to men and had no power to correct this. Some of the women presented very fairly famous, but others I had never heard of before. I enjoyed learning more about each female scientist and hope we continue to explore this in class.

One thought on “Dr. Breitenberger Reflection

  1. I would love for you and others to explore the topic further. The fact that so few of us have heard of people like Mary Anning, make it clear that her discoveries are mostly hidden. For her specifically, I think many attempts to rectify the lack of credit are currently underway, especially in the Natural History Museum in London. Check out the link here:


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