Religion and Environment Songs: Globe all Warming by NiyoRah

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Globe all Warming is a song by NiyoRah. The title of this song pretty much sums it up; he is talking about global warming. He discusses how society has played a part in ruining the environment and in order to survive, people must purify themselves and their bodies. The lyrics say:

“Global warming, the cry is out
The earth is getting hotter, without a doubt
The glaciers are melting in the north and south
Our lives are about to change
There is only one way, to survive this
You got to purify your body, get rid of toxins
Pray unto the Father, who lives within
The ego you have to tame”

I think he is saying that people must stop being selfish and egotistic in order to save the environment. In order to do this, he is says to purify your body and pray unto the Father. He also says:

“To serve Jah, is the reason why you are made
The heat beneath the ocean, it a bring hurricane
Attitude inside a people out of context and live”

I think he is saying that people are living with the wrong mindset. The human race is no longer putting God first and respecting what has been given to us, and this is what is causing global warming and the overall destruction of nature and the environment.

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  1. Great song choices and interpretations! I’ve added all your songs to the Earth, Ecology, and Environmental playlist on Spotify. Thank you.

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