Meeting Minutes 11/19/2019

At our last meeting on November 19th, we had the chance to learn more about New England College of Optometry (NECO). Thank you for providing us with so much helpful information Emily!

Founded in 1894 and located in the heart of Boston, NECO is the oldest continuously operating Optometry school in the United States. Their average class size is about 130 students and most labs have no more than 20 students. Classroom time, lab time, and patient care are key to NECO’s curriculum. Students have the opportunity to start interacting with patients early in their first year. They offer specialized programs, elective options, and a residency program for interested students. They also give students the opportunity to apply to participate in a combined MS/OD and PhD/OD program. Their clinical training center just opened a little over a year ago and provides students with access to up and coming technology. They even have slit lamps with imaging systems to provide instant feedback. There are over 15 student organizations on campus as well. NECO accepts the OAT and GRE and highly recommend that you apply as early as possible. They require two letters of recommendation, one from an optometrist and another from a science professor. Their average GPA is a 3.3 and the average OAT score is a 320-330. Ninety percent of students will receive some form of financial aid and each application is automatically reviewed for scholarships. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kristen Tobin, director of admissions, at (617)587-5580.

Thank you again Emily! We really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about NECO. We hope you enjoyed your first visit to Ohio!