Meeting Minutes: 4/19/16

For our last meeting of the year, we heard from Dr. John Melnyk. He told us about his work at CarePoint East and with the Havener Eye Institute. Through his discussion about how all of his patients are referrals, we learned about his collaboration with other health care providers. Dr. Melnyk shared about how he sees many unusual cases with his patients and has a very unique experience in representing ophthalmology as an optometrist.

Meeting Minutes: 4/5/16

We held our club elections for the 2016 – 2017 school year. The results are as follows:
President: Krista Roberts

Vice President: Emma Thompson

Secretary: Kelly Lutmer

Treasurer: Shelve Shah

Historian: Jeremy Saxon

Social & Community Chair: Spencer Day

Fundraising Chair: Danica Downward

Meeting Minutes: 3/22/16

This week we celebrated the retirement of our beloved club adviser, Sally Haltom. Sally shared her story with us of how she ended up here at The Ohio State College of Optometry. She shared about all of her previous jobs and about her 19 wonderful years here at the College. She will be dearly missed, but we look forward to staying in touch with her.  Sally, congratulations and thank you for all you have done for us!

Nataya Kimble's photo.

Meeting Minutes: 3/8/16

Dr. Andy Toole and Dr. Gregory Nixon gave us a tour of different areas of the optometry school. Dr. Toole took us to the Binocular Vision/Pediatrics area and showed us how he would give an eye exam to an infant. He then taught us about retinoscopy and let us all experiment with the retinoscope. Dr. Nixon spoke to us about glaucoma and showed us different OCT images. He showed us various retinal images and explained how to examine the optic nerve.

Meeting Minutes: 2/9/16

Dr. Mark Wright spoke to us about the business side of optometry. He is the faculty coordinator for the OSU College of Optometry Business Management Program, and teaches students during all four years of the program. He told us about the courses he teaches for each year of the program, ranging from Personal Finance for first years, to Business Planning for fourth years. Dr. Wright provides students with the information they need to be successful professionals. He discussed medical insurance, being an employer vs. an employee, and the importance of teaching the time value of money.

Meeting Minutes: 1/26/16

Dr. Don Mutti spoke to us about his career at the College and about his research. Dr. Mutti teaches optics to first year optometry students. He has been doing research on refractive error for 27 years, and gets to bring research and clinical practice together at Ohio State. His research focuses on three main questions: How do the ocular optical components develop during childhood, what are the risk factors for myopia, and if future myopia can be predicted. He then explained to us how hyperopia is a cushion against nearsightedness, and ended with a discussion on ipRGC photoreceptors and the delayed pupillary response to blue light.

Meeting Minutes: 1/12/16

Dr. Nicky Lai spoke to us about his career at the College of Optometry and his story of how he got to be where he is today. Dr. Lai graduated from Ohio State in 2003 with an OD/MS degree. He gave us advice on how to succeed with the difficult course work of optometry school and the process of finding a niche within optometry. Dr. Lai concentrated on contact lenses and did a cornea contact lens residency. He is now the Chief of Contact Lens Service and told us about the various contact lens courses he teaches. Advancements in the area of contact lenses were also discussed, such as how scleral lenses can incorporate more correction for different refractive needs.

Meeting Minutes: 11/17/15

For the first part of the meeting, the seniors held a question and answer panel where other students asked questions about working in a practice, the OAT, and other items related to the application process. Then, Dr. Roanne Flom gave us a tour of the new BV/PEDS & Low Vision clinic. She pointed out all of the design details that were purposely placed to make the space appeal to the patients. She showed us around both sides of the new clinic and gave us an idea of what her typical day is like there.

Meeting Minutes: 11/12/15

Dr. Vondolee Delgado-Nixon led us in a cow eyeball dissection. First, she gave us an overview of general eye anatomy and conditions of the eye.  Then, we began the dissection, first locating the optic nerve. Dr. Delgado-Nixon then proceeded to teach us about the vitreous humor, the lens, the movement of radial and circular iris muscles and how the pupil works. The dissection concluded with an examination of the retina, paying special attention to the observable blood vessels and then the reflective tapetum of animal eyes.

Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

Tomorrow evening from 5:50-8:30 PM, 20% of proceeds made at Blaze Pizza on High Street will go to the Pre-Optometry Club if you present the attached flyer. We encourage everyone to go out, as the more money we raise, the more events we can partake in as a group. We also encourage everyone to let their friends and family know about the event! Please don’t forget to print out the attached flyer (it can be in color or black and white)