Meeting Minutes 01/17/2023


Location: Zoom

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club

Duration: 1 Hour 

Jen Bennett will be discussing interview skills and tips with us! 


  • The goal of an interview is to get to know you. Communication with who you are. 
  • Know your stories 
  • Interviewing is a performance

Meeting Minutes 11/15/2022


Location: Fry 33

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club 

Duration: 1 Hour


Realeyes came in and held a training session for the pre-optometry club!

Meeting Minutes 11/8/2022


Location: Zoom

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club 

Duration: 1 Hour

The Club got to meet with OAT Booster. Booster talked about their services and how they can help students 

Meeting Minutes 10/18/2022


Location: Fry 33

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club 

Duration: 1 Hour

Southern College of Optometry got to speak with the club. 

  • The campus itself is very small.
  • The clinic and the building are right next to each other. 
  • All the students will know each other like a small highschool 
  • Blind interview 

Entering Class Profile (2021)

  • Average GPA: 3.66
  • Average OAT: 338
  • Class size: ~136

Factors to Consider:

  • They do clinical research 
  • 98% of the students who have entered SCO have graduated 
  • They are a private institution
  • They start clinic in their third year 
  • 2nd years can do some school vision screening and will shadow third and fourth years  


  • Big music town 
  • Smaller city than Columbus 
  • They do not have on campus living. Most of their students live on Mud Island 

Application Requirement: 

  • OptomCAS June 30 2022- March 1, 2023
  • Essay
  • Letter of rec.
    • OD
    • Pre-professional advisor or science professor
  • Official Transcript 
  • *prefer if you have 30-40 hours of shadowing 

Application Tips:

  • Gain Diverse Optometric exposure
  • Apply Early
  • Be professional 
    • Dress professionally 
    • Respond to emails/phone calls 
    • When plans change, notify each school 
  • Ask questions 
  • Be yourself 

Board Passage Rate: 

  • Check online, they defected when asked in person. 
    • Also was not present during the presentation. 

Meeting Minutes 10/12/2022


Location: Zoom

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club 

Duration: 1 Hour


The club got to meet with ISO and got to hear about their program.

PDF of Presentation:


Meeting Minutes 10/05/2022


Location: Zoom;!!KGKeukY!3jKTRM2LuOjkqYfLn0Cq31j0AaMU3P_mKOEhHfHddO_nTUtXkPTD5GlI1EVar0-U6Pnv0qqR520wS0vwZ8im$

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club

Duration: 1 Hour

Pre-Optometry Club Members will hear from New England College of Optometry (NECO). They heard a ton about the social and professional life in Boston. They also talked about what is living like in Boston, how to find a roommate, and how to find the right apartment.  What makes NECO Special:

  • Real world clinical experience 
  • You get the clinical experience starting your first year  (Starting the first few weeks of your first year) 
  • Have an MS/OD Progam
  • Have an PhD/OD Program 
  • Check website for tuition pricing  
  • Board Passage Rate: 76%, 90%, 76% (Part 1, 2, 3) 
    • There is a decline on the board passage rate. 



Location: Zoom

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club

Duration: 1 Hour

Pre-Optometry Club Members will heard from NOVA Southeastern University’s College of Optometry. They heard how their program is structured and what it is like living in their college.

Zoom Recording:–i95GaArFehmpWIjGlLzOy2VNPVrVR.DjCCD3VkhNBZnqCO

Meeting Minutes 09/27/2022

Fry Hall 33

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club 

Duration: 1 Hour

Guest Speaker: Optometry Students

Students who got into optometry school talked about their experiences, interviews and how they prepared for the OAT.

Meeting Minutes 09/20/2022


Location: Fry Hall 33

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club 

Duration: 2 Hour

Guest Speaker: Nik Jones

Nik has worked with admissions at IUSO. Associate Director of Recruitment  


  • Showed off the city 
  • Feels like a Big 10 school 
  • IU is beautiful 
  • Not a far drive to get out of the city and to explore


  • Holds everything except for the clinic 
  • There is housing right behind the building which makes it a 5-10 min walk.
  • There is also campus parking as well housing farther down 


  • Best in pediatrics 
  • Work with sports vision 
  • Can work with forming lens for cameras
  • Vision processing 


  • There are tons of alumni everywhere and IU can get you anywhere 
  • They are capable with getting you at a ton of different facilities (VA, private, etc…)


  • OD
  • MS (master of vision science)
  • Ph.D
  • They also partner with the Kelley School of Business to get you better acquainted with the business side of optometry. (Extra cost). (get a certificate) 
    • The credits transfer to Kelly School of Business and can be used to get an MBA
  • They also have an Early Admission program where you can go to their school after your third year.


    • Average GPA: 3.75
  • Letters of Rec (3)
  • Personal Statement 
  • Look at Science and Math GPA 
  • Want: Grit, Determination, Collaboration, and Compassion 
  • Upward grade trend 
  • Competitive level of schools 
  • Class load each semester 
  • Shadowing experiences (20-30 hours) 
  • Want an Extracurricular Involvement 
  • For the class of 2025:
    • 763 Application Received 
    • 85 Enrolled


  • Vary depending on where you live 
  • They do have scholarships 
  • Do they have an MS/OS Full-Tuition Scholarship: opportunity for 2 students to receive full tuition for 4 years
    • Are required to take the GRE 
  • They also have 4 DEI scholarship programs…  

Meeting Minutes 9/14/2022


Location: Zoom

Meeting Called By: Pre-Optometry Club 

Duration: 1 Hour

Guest Speaker: Ardi Samonte and Dr. Mika Moy from Berkeley

The meeting is centered around Berkeley’s Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry and Vision Science. Ardi Samonte is part of the admissions team. 

  • Berkeley is a 4 year lock-step program meaning that individuals will be with that class for the 4 years and cannot skip ahead. 

Time At Berkeley:

  • First year: ¾ of time is taking didactic courses and ¼ of your time is experiencing some pre-clinic experience
  • Second year: ⅓ of time is taking didactic courses and ⅓ of your time is pre-clinic and team care
  • Third year: ¼ Didactic courses and ¾ clinical 
  • Fourth year: ⅞ Clinical, and ⅛ didactic course 


  • Berkeley has multiple clinics all over 


  • Externships in 13 states
  • Some of private practice and some are in a hospital   

Board Pass:

  • In 2022, they had a 17:1% differential than the nat. Avg.
  • The program is rigorous to prepare students for boards and for their professional career 


  • 4:1 Student to faculty ratio  
  • Large research institution 
  • Clinical faculty in private practice 
  • Clinical research center conducts clinical trials 


  • Variety of Undergraduates Degrees
  • Ophthalmic imaging 
  • Entrepreneurs and Career Changers 
  • Some are for U.S. & Canada & other countries 

After Graduation: 

  • 60% respondents completed a residency program
  • 40% respondents accepted positions in a private practice or an OD/MD practice 
  • 7% respondents accepted position in corporate setting 
    • Salaries ranging from 99K-149K 
      • They also do have benefits


  • They are a small school on a large campus

Admissions and Financial Aid:

  • Total Per Semester: $27,685.50 (non CA residents)
    • They do have scholarships 
    • Accept many Loans 
  • Application consist of:
    • 3 Essays
    • 3 letters of Rec.
    • Official transcript
    • Extracurriculars
    • Supplemental Fee
    • Standardized test optional 
    • Rolling Admissions 
    • Interviews are online

Qualitative Considerations:

  • Experience in and Knowledge of Optometry
  • Statement of Purpose/ Personal Statement
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Activities and Achievements
  • Gap Year   
  • Interview
  • Qualities 


Student Demographics 2022-2023: 

  • 322 Applicants → 218 Interview Candidates → 67 Matriculants