Meeting Minutes 2/18/2020

At our meeting on February 18th, Jen Bennett, the director of Student Services from the College of Optometry at the Ohio State University, provided the club with many useful tips on how to excel in professional interviews. Thank you for taking the time to help us more effectively prepare for interviews Jen!

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Meeting Minutes 11/5/2019

At our meeting on November 5, Dr. Yuhas from the Ohio State College of Optometry taught us about blue light exposure. It gave great insight into ophthalmic research and how to respond to concerns regarding blue light from devices such as computers and smart phones. We would like to thank Dr. Yuhas for talking with us and teaching us more about blue light! Continue reading

Meeting Minutes 10/22/2019

At our meeting on October 22nd, we had a panel of second year Ohio State Optometry Students, Lauren, Emily, and Christine, answer our questions about the field of Optometry, Optometry school, and the application process. Thank you so much Lauren, Emily, and Christine for sharing so much advice with us!

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Meeting Minutes 10/8/2019

At our meeting on October 8th, Keo Khim and Matt Fink from the Ohio Optometric Association came in to do a Realeyes training session that allows interested students to give presentations at various schools in Ohio. Realeyes is a free classroom education program that presents age-appropriate curricula to students across the state. Realeyes won the 2019 AOA Apollo award and teachers rate the program a 4.9/5.0. We learned how to present Sammy Safe-Eyes, The Adventures of Rhet & Tina, The Case of Vinny Vision, and What’s Your EYE-Q during the training session, which cover important topics such as eye safety and anatomy. There will be a competition to see who can present to the most kids and the winner will receive a prize! The competition will last through winter break and the next semester.

To find out more about the Realeyes program or if you want to sign up to present, please visit:

Thank you so much, Matt and Keo, for showing us how to present the Realeyes program!

Meeting Minutes 9/24/2019

At our second meeting of the year, we had two guest speakers from the Ohio State College of Optometry visit us! Jaime Antonio, a second year Optometry student at the university, spoke to us about the American Optometric Student Association and new opportunities for pre-optometry students. Shawn Gilbert, our club’s advisor and the Assistant Director of Admissions, provided the club with a lot of valuable information about the Ohio State University College of Optometry. Thank you, Jaime and Shawn, for taking the time to come in and speak to us!

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Meeting Minutes 9/10/2019

During our first meeting of the 2019-2020 school year, we had the pleasure of listening to Sunnie Ewing, the Director of Student Recruitment at Southern College of Optometry. Thank you for coming to speak to us and providing so much great advice Sunnie! Continue reading