Meeting Minutes: 11/17/15

For the first part of the meeting, the seniors held a question and answer panel where other students asked questions about working in a practice, the OAT, and other items related to the application process. Then, Dr. Roanne Flom gave us a tour of the new BV/PEDS & Low Vision clinic. She pointed out all of the design details that were purposely placed to make the space appeal to the patients. She showed us around both sides of the new clinic and gave us an idea of what her typical day is like there.

Meeting Minutes: 11/12/15

Dr. Vondolee Delgado-Nixon led us in a cow eyeball dissection. First, she gave us an overview of general eye anatomy and conditions of the eye.  Then, we began the dissection, first locating the optic nerve. Dr. Delgado-Nixon then proceeded to teach us about the vitreous humor, the lens, the movement of radial and circular iris muscles and how the pupil works. The dissection concluded with an examination of the retina, paying special attention to the observable blood vessels and then the reflective tapetum of animal eyes.

Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

Tomorrow evening from 5:50-8:30 PM, 20% of proceeds made at Blaze Pizza on High Street will go to the Pre-Optometry Club if you present the attached flyer. We encourage everyone to go out, as the more money we raise, the more events we can partake in as a group. We also encourage everyone to let their friends and family know about the event! Please don’t forget to print out the attached flyer (it can be in color or black and white)