Meeting Minutes: 10/24

In this meeting, we had Dr. Joan Nerderman, RN, OD, speak to the pre-optometry club.  Dr. Nerderman spoke about her past leading up to optometry, where she became an RN, and eventually an optometrist.  After this, she spoke about the pros and cons of private practice, working with an ophthalmologist, and eventually working at faith mission hospital.  To conclude the meeting, she showed us examples of interesting patients she has encountered, including a, “Talc Retinopathy” patient, along with a patient with an inflamed/raised optic nerve.  If you need to email her for volunteer opportunities at faith mission, her email is

Meeting Minutes: 10/10

Today we heard from Dr. Heather Chandler! She is a faculty member at the OSU College of Optometry teaching ocular anatomy to first year students. Dr. Chandler was born in Canada and had an interest in veterinary medicine from a young age. She started professional life as a veterinary nurse, and studied in several fields including parasitology and microbiology. Eventually she came to The Ohio State University and discovered veterinary ophthalmology. Dr. Chandler stressed that there are many ways to get where you want to go in terms of career goals.

She earned her PhD in veterinary biosciences and currently researches cataract formation and corneal wound healing. Although her research primarily involves animals, she works with ophthalmologists to apply her findings to clinical settings that benefit human patients. Examples of her research include sunglasses for dogs to reduce oxidative stress on the eyes, and improving retention time of drugs on the cornea.

Regarding optometry school, Dr. Chandler goes into great detail about all structures within the eye and how they work together to produce vision. Her advice to potential applicants is to be prepared for a tough curriculum. Having a tough skin is important and being comfortable with the unknown is essential. To prepare for the rigor of post-graduate coursework, she recommends students take a detailed anatomy course, preferably incorporating histology.

If anyone has questions for Dr. Chandler, you can email her at!

Meeting Minutes: 9/26

In this meeting, we had 3 second-year optometry students speak on behalf of the College of Optometry. The main things that they talked about were the OAT, the admission process, and their overall experience thus far within the college. Many questions were asked by all grades, and it gave everyone a great look into what is to come at the College of Optometry at Ohio State! Finally, Danny Helin presented Mentor/Mentee pairs for the rest of the year, hopefully growing relationships within the club while pushing each other further in the field of optometry.

Meeting Minutes: 9/12

Justin Greist, Director of Admissions and financial aid at OSU college of optometry came to speak to pre-optometry club today. A few pieces that Justin touched on during the meeting were preparation for optometry school, the admission process, and the OSU experience. An overall very productive meeting that gave great insight into the College of Optometry at OSU as a whole. Justin also touched on the College of Optometry Admissions Day, which is occurring on September 30th 1230pm-430pm.

Meeting Minutes: 8/29

During our first meeting of the year, Dean Zednik came in and gave a talk outlining the beginning of the year in Optometry club. She outlined how she got her start in Optometry, and how she became the Dean of Optometry at Ohio State University. She also touched on inspiring stories from new inductees from the Optometry class of 2021. The Executive board gave introductions prior to the talk, and then Shawn Gilbert gave a tour of the College of Optometry.

Realeyes Training: 4/19

Today Pre-Optometry Club, along with Eyes on Health, participated in a training program with the Ohio Optometric Association! This program is called “Realeyes” and it involves being trained how to teach children in local schools about vision and eye care. Our members are now certified to give presentations to students in preschool through eighth grade alongside their peers, and/or optometrists! Thank you to Matt Fink, the Realeyes Program Manager, for an informative and fun training session!

Meeting Minutes: 4/11

Today we had our last meeting of the year. A representative from Prevent Blindness Ohio came and trained us to be certified vision screeners. We learned about criteria that would require a referral to an optometrist for an exam. Additionally, we were taught how to use machines that measured visual acuities as an alternative to physical eye charts. Tomorrow, we will be volunteering to give free vision checks in the Ohio Union from 3-5pm!

Meeting Minutes: 3/28

Today we held elections for our 2017-2018 Executive Board! Thank you to everyone who ran for a position. Remember, if you did not get elected to an executive position, there are still plenty of ways to be involved as a general body member. Here is the The Pre-Optometry Club at Ohio State’s Executive Board of 2017-2018:

President: Jeremy Saxon 

Vice President: Kylie Scott

Secretary: Danny Helin

Treasurer: Michelle Alaimo

Historian: Josh Black

Social Chair: Kara Renner

Fundraising chair: Mackenzie Gershom

Meeting Minutes: 3/7

This meeting was all about the OAT. Jen Bennett along with a panel of OSU College of Optometry students went through all aspects of the OAT with our members. Our members were able to ask any questions they had about how to start preparing to take this important exam. Thank you to Jen and all the participating optometry students for the advice! Good luck all our members currently studying for the OAT!

Meeting Minutes: 2/21

Today our members were visited by a New England College of Optometry (NECO) representative. We  learned all about this school and the amazing program it has to offer. In addition, we learned about the surrounding city of Boston and all the unique opportunities that would come with living in this busy city. Our members were then able to ask questions about NECO and the field of optometry. Thank you NECO for the visit!