Meeting Minutes 11/6/2018

This week we were lucky enough to have four students from The Ohio State College of Optometry visit and answer questions and tell about their experiences. These questions ranged from questions about the OAT to general advice that they would give an undergraduate student who is thinking about pursuing Optometry School. They shared a lot about their time at Ohio State so far and it was great to get some ideas on next steps to take when working towards Optometry School. Thank you all for coming to speak with us!

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RealEyes Training 10/9/2018

On October 9th, a few of the members of the Pre-Optometry Club were able to attend a RealEyes Training. This training focused on teaching interested students how to give presentations about eyes and eye health. It was a really great experience for us all to learn a little more about how to teach others about a subject that we are all very interested in! It gave us the necessary skills and resources to travel to schools in Ohio and to give these presentations, which we hopefully will be able to do in the near future!