Meeting Minutes 11/30/2021

Location: Zoom

Meeting Called by: Pre-Optometry Club

Duration: 45 minutes

Guest Speaker: Grant Erhard, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Kentucky College of Optometry (UPIKE)


  • Grant covered the idea of what a Doctor of Optometry degree entails, including: examinations, diagnoses, treatments, therapies, and prescription duties. ODs can practice almost anywhere, from private practice to rural communities, hospitals, etc. 
  • Kentucky College of Optometry mission: “To develop leaders in therapeutic optometry through innovative education and a commitment to caring for the underserved.”
  • School was established in 2016, the only one in Kentucky. Kentucky is one of seven states that allow ODs to use and practice with in-office laser eye procedures. 
  • Study rooms, “kinetic” learning style classrooms and the #D virtual anatomy lab are all aspects of day to day learning at UPIKE. 
  • Prerequisite courses: standard natural science courses, and psychology and english. All courses require a C or higher. 
  • KYCO advantage: the specific area is underserved and has large numbers of the population being diagnosed with ocular diseases and conditions. All entering students are given approximately $15,000 of materials upon entry into the program: medical  and ophthalmic equipment, IPad pro, required texts, NBEO prep program, white coats, diploma frame, membership dues, etc. 
  • Admissions through OptomCAS, OAT is preferred test (GRE is not excepted), minimum of 90 credit hours along with required courses. Averages: 300+ OAT, 2.75 GPA. Two letters of recommendation are also required for application. Average graduating class size: 64 students.
  • Block Exam style: one large exam every 4 weeks covering multiple classes and topics to mirror board exams in terms of formatting and question styles. Allows students to structure study habits around exam style while also having enjoyable experiences outside of academics.