Meeting Minutes 3/7/2019

On March 7th, Dr. Nicole Patterson OD, MS, FAAO visited us from Nova Southeastern University, or NSU, in Florida. She talked to us all about NSU and what kinds of opportunities they offer as well as discussed the profession of Optometry. Thank you Dr. Patterson for braving the cold Ohio weather and coming to speak with us!

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Meeting Minutes 3/5/2019

On March 5th, Dr. Gialousakis from Chicago College of Optometry at Midwestern University came to speak at our meeting. Dr. Gialousakis talked with us about the Chicago College of Optometry at Midwestern University and all of the opportunities they offer. Thank you, Dr. Gialousakis, for taking the time to travel to Ohio State and to talk with us about Optometry and the Chicago College of Optometry!

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Meeting Minutes 2/12/2019

In our meeting on February 12th, Dr. Ooi came in to speak with us about research in Optometry. This was a great presentation and really inspired a lot of interest in research in the field of Optometry among our members! Thank you, Dr. Ooi, for coming in to speak with us and answer all of our questions.

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Meeting Minutes 1/29/2019

During the meeting we were able to perform a cow eyeball dissection with Dr. Delgado Nixon (Dr. VDN). Through this dissection, we learned about what optometrists do as well as being able to see the structures of the cow eyeball. Dr. VDN explained the different parts of the front and the back of the eye and how they work, which was very interesting and exciting for us as aspiring Optometrists! Thank you for coming to lead us in the dissection, Dr. VDN, and for the time you spent teaching us!