Year in Review

This school year has overall been an experience of a lifetime. It has pushed many out of its comfort zone from the academic level, social, and simply living away from home for the first time for many. Choosing to come to a school let alone one out of state was a leap of faith and one that has made me grown as a person so much from the actions I have made, the classes I have attended, and the friends and memories I have created have taught me all lessons to take with me down my road as I continue on.

Being here at the Ohio State University, there is many things always occurring from our academics itself and then let alone our numerous amount of clubs. Also communities we build from honors and scholars programs that I have been blessed to be in with ENR. This year being a part of ENR has challenged me to see the world differently. My life before my first year here was hectic always running around between jobs, school, and other activities such as clubs and friends that I never so much as slowed down to think of my impact or what I could even change even if small to make a difference on our world. From our TED talks for assignments and discussions in class and by far my favorite guest speakers I have began to see our daily activities go a long way. I have loved to become more aware through this year and be a part of moments such as apple picking and bringing awareness to our school on our carbon footprint. Also through Earth month taking a challenge to change and reduce my very own footprint.

Little decisions such as trying new things the ENR program has challenged us with or changing old habits for my new lifestyle of college all these difference from my old ways have taught me many things; about myself, others and the society around me. From this year I hope to make changes on myself. To keep growing and learning. To try new things to broaden my horizon of the sense of world around me. Experiences can define you and how you perceive things around you. Especially actions you choose not necessarily define you but give you an experience to make a decision continue down your path that lays out from a decision made or change it for you want to be better or something new. Change is a part of life and I want to be open to it all, ultimately to become a better person always willing to grow.

Choices that make you choose your actions and to live differently come mainly from yourself and how you feel personally about yourself. Ultimately at the end of the day you have to be able to look in the mirror and be comfortable with yourself.  Your actions will reflect on who you want to be. Another impact that prompts change our people we love that are around us. People have a need for socialization and a form of acceptance which is keen from loved ones. Many of my choices have come from wanting to grow for myself but also for my family. To become a person they are proud of. When we see from the world around us we take many things from the people and the environment. The positivity and negativity from the world drives me to go further to do better. If I reach a goal take another step that you should never settle and strive for more. In that the world brings many factors for our lives and to give back I have chosen to be different, to not go through my life unaware of the Earth to care for it and be aware it needs care back.

Lastly Scholars Earth Month challenge has changed my year in review greatly by the end of the school year. There are many tasks I can perform that take no added time to reduce my carbon footprint. My choices made the world around me a cleaner place. Little actions make a difference especially add up for the long run. Some of the tasks I took were challenging and others were very easy to perform in my daily routine. As for my actions I chose to change made an impact some are easier to continue doing then others. Such as public transportation if available I will gladly take that then my car but some areas do not offer it as much as others. But the electricity use in my house I can make a big change and continue good habits and hope to do so.