Columbus To Do list Spring Semester Part 1

Columbus To-Do List Spring Semester 2016

            This semester I have chosen to take on the goal of attending at least three OAC clinics. The ultimate goal is to learn and grow in outdoor adventure skills. Overall with this choice I hope to gain knowledge in other aspects for outdoor adventures, on top of adding skills and fun to my time here this semester. The clinics offered by OAC range in many different aspects for the outdoors between rock climbing, and kayaking, etc. I am excited to learn new skills and be active in them. To see another side to what my college offers, not just scholarly knowledge in my classes but skills and tools I can apply outside on adventures if I so choose to explore more.

At the time being I have been able to complete one of the 3 OAC clinics so far. I was fortunate enough to partake in the Belay clinic with fellow ENR scholars. The class began with the basics that intern became applied to when we go to go to the rock wall and experience it firsthand. I enjoyed that the first 30 minutes of our hour clinic was small group sessions getting to learn the equipment and skills that will be useful and are key to when you belay. After our lesson we were able to get hands on experience individually within our group. Along with my friends I had a wonderful memorable time that I was able to attain the skill and have a laugh along with others. From the clinic I am now able to go become belay certified which I plan to do soon. My first clinic has opened my eyes to some lead roles in the activities we perform and I am excited looking forward to the certification test and to partake in more clinics.

Career:Ted Talk

ENR Ted Talk: Relation to Business and Sustainable Design

                All around there are ways for people to aid in sustainability. Within their daily activities and even there career. As a business student the main goals is successful in your company to thrive, yet as stated in the TED talks “profit isn’t everything”. Within your business one can do much more for others and the world around them. The Ted Talks all begin with the basics of a business and personal experiences they had and what they did and are doing to improve the environment all around. As stated in one of the Ted Talks there are simple acts all can perform to help. One must not think solely on what the company sole purposes of a job but what they can do to change lives. That no one should be a innocent bystander but to take action. That goals should be set to be competitive, consistent, profitable, and overall responsible within the growth.  From these videos I learned that there is an overall larger picture. That no matter what one makes an impact, a footprint on our earth. Our goal is to be reasonable and aware of what we do. That our production within any business has an input and output that produce a good/service but also a side product, that not all think off but is there such as waste that can harm people around us. Environmental impact comes from everyone. Time and effort is what it takes to change the world around us. Aiding within the company you work for or own is a large step. Changing your overall goals to not that I’m here to sell this item but I’m here to change lives in any little way by helping our world all around. To keep the environment safe for us now and the future well being of all people around us.