Sapling Interview

                Arrival into a new environment is nerve racking. However, being a part of a program like ENR scholars helps in the transition. Within our program are other students ahead of us that have lived through what we went through already, that is why we are assigned mentors to help us along the way. I was fortunate to be paired with Kathryn Losnes a sophomore majoring in horticulture. While her and I don’t share the same major we are both from Florida and relate on the experience of coming from so far away.

When Kathryn came into Ohio State University, she was an exploration student. Yet she knew that from her past experience her major will come, which it did emerging to declare a major within horticulture. When declaring a major may seem scary it is right in front of us and we may not even know it. When I asked Kathryn about what led her to her decision it was simply her life. She spent her life with a love of plants and nature. Kathryn grew plants and fruits while growing up that began at her grandfather’s garden. As time went on she spent time in volunteering at organic gardens and working in a flower shop much through high school. With the passion she had growing up it was only suitable that she pursue her passion.

While pursuing her goals at Ohio State with hours spent studying and in the classroom, Kathryn also found time to assist in volunteering within ENR. Events within environmental and natural resources scholars such as her involvement in mentoring for underclassmen and other events such as watershed. With her involvement in environmental scholars she has been honored to be a part of some amazing opportunities. She is more honored to be an aid in the annual camping trip to add aid. Also with more meaningful events such as apple picking, planting trees, and overall helping the environment, which all gladly correlates to her passion of plants and the environment.

Years come and go through college, with many amazing memories made. With those adventures we face through the times of college our future is one thing we always look forward to. What is beyond our college journey are goals we have set for ourselves. Kathryn isn’t strict about what is to happen next. All she wants is to start with internships to evolve into a good job that betters the world all around. That is the future down the road. There are many more moments to occur on the campus of Ohio State University though. Just from her two years an on campus the one thing she has taken to great heart is that nothing is ever as permanent as it seems. An example Kathryn explained to me was such as classes, there are good and bad days with many ups and downs. With all that occurs it becomes in the past and what matters most of all is what we do with it to become something better and greater than before.

Kathryn overall has enjoyed college with it only being two years of its ups and downs. She has listened to me speak and given much insight. It is hard to adjust to a new world around you. But at the end of the day it becomes one of the greatest memories of your life. No matter the stress, enjoy the moments and the friendships created. It doesn’t last forever and it will not matter much except what you do with what all you learned in and out of the classroom. Freshmen year is a big year and I am glad I have people such as Kathryn here to help me along the way.