Second Week of Earth Month

The second week of our Earth month challenge has passed and overall seemed a lot easier. The overall challenge for the full month is to take initiative and once the action begins it all starts rolling into place. My goal this week was being active in our room and places I’m in to use less electricity such as if the room has no one in it that the lights and electronics are all off. Also this week was coinciding with my first week’s challenge of unplugging all electronics not in use; overall goal to reduce electricity consumption that is unnecessary. Over the second week I learned that there are multiple ways for more efficient lighting. Such as opening more windows, however if it is your actual home you could take a step to buy light bulbs that last longer and safe energy themselves. The tasks you can take such as lights and unplugging are still minor but bring a large impact especially over time. The second weekend is over and thus comes around the third week which again I plan to add on with more tasks. This coming up week I plan to reduce my use of cars and buses. My plan is to walk more so over any form of transportation to reduce use of gas and emissions from vehicles. From the 2 weeks and persisting on I learned that the constant reminder I had to give myself from the first week was challenging to remember the little tasks but as I continue to perform the actions it has become easier to remember if not habit.

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