Earth Month Challenge Week One!

First week of our Earth Month Challenge, overall went smoothly. Many people have taken on various tasks and are working hard to reduce their CO2. The first week was the first step into our overall challenge and goal. It is the first step into the many that will be taken and built upon. My challenge area was energy and transportation. My first week I started off small with unplugging all electronics not in use all around my own room and our common area. The only main struggle was remembering the little things such as a phone charger or my printer. Items that are used commonly but have no need to stay plugged in if not in use. One thing I found that helped that I changed through the week is having a power strip with my electronics plugged into creating only one plug I need to remove from an outlet. I noticed through the week of plugging and unplugging in many of mine and others electronics is that I use some items more than others creating a need to charge them such as my laptop and phone. Yet mainly my first week was an easy one to slide into my challenges to come and was a great first step to making a change in my daily routine to better our environment. My second week I tend to add to my first and take a step towards more energy conservation. My main thing is remembering the steps I can take to help the earth and to continuously make that effort as my weeks continue.


Earth Month Challenge Proposal

Beginning March 22 and through the month of April for Earth Month we have within our ENR scholars group to take multiple steps to reduce our footprint to help the earth. One person can do a lot to change their environment. My goal I have set for the month is too work on the field of energy and transportation. There are four weeks total and each week I will add a new task to challenge myself. Week one I will consist of unplugging all electronics not in use. Week 2 I will add conservation of light use with being sure lights in any room unused is off. Week three I will increase my walking to places over cars or buses. Finally the last week I will take stairs over the elevators. Overall the challenges I have set for myself but seem almost simple but my fear is in the difficulty of being repetitive and keep on going strong on my task everywhere I go to help the world around me.

Earth Month Challenge Part 1

ENR Earth Month Challenge Part 1

                For Earth Month we all will be taking on a challenge to take step towards helping our environment by decreasing our footprint. This month I will focus specifically on energy and transportation. Within the three areas we are allowed to explore in our efforts in the Earth Month challenge the energy and transportation catches my eye over them all. I have chosen to take on the energy and transportation category for I feel this is the category I can make the biggest impact from myself for our environment in numerous tasks. All that matters is effort even the slightest step can have a great ripple effect. Therefore the month I will attempt and achieve many tasks to help reduce my footprint on the environment.

Within the categories are numerous things that a person can do to decrease their impact. Under my chosen category, energy and transportation, there can be actions of:

  1. Use stairs over elevators.
  2. Turn off lights when not present in a room.
  3. Un-plug electronics not in need of charging/use
  4. Car-pool
  5. Walk to places over vehicles
  6. Use of rechargeable batteries
  7. Use of solar panels
  8. Get vehicles serviced regularly so there are no more emissions then necessary
  9. Energy saving bulbs
  10. Proper insulation in rooms
  11. Energy efficient appliances
  12. Keep the thermostat lower in winter and ease on air conditioning in summer
  13. Dry clothes outside if when possible
  14. Reduce mileage
  15. Non toxic cleaning agents

On our campus they have multiple resources that help others all over be efficient and environmentally kind. There are 1) buses that are used for transportation over taking an individual car places. Another option is 2) the Sierra Club among campus and 3) the Climate Reality Project group. Both meet on multiple occasions to spread the word of saving and living lifes that aid our earth. They give key points on actions one can take to change their daily activities and help influence other to reduce the carbon footprint all around. Overall these groups are ways to meet others and have support in your goals to reach individually and as a whole all around you.

Lastly from resources in someone’s own area there a numerous websites that can offer aid such as:


These entire website give insights to our world and the emission people cause in daily activities. Few give articles and information about our society. While others get into details on ways you can lower your carbon emission. None the less each website brings in key points one may consider in their path to a greener living.