About Me

All about me consists of something just more then my past and present but also my future. Those three components make me who I am. Simply my background starts off as simple as being from the Sunshine State, lovely Florida. Grew up knowing independence with the fact my parents divorced not to long after I was born. No matter the situation, making the best of everything was my goal. Excelling in school brightened my day and allowed for me to pursue my dreams with horses. And it was just that simple to define me, an over achiever in school and horse crazy. Things may not have always been easy, but its the choice to stay down or get back up and fight back. All the persistence led to the moment I am in now, attending my dream school of Ohio State University. My goal from high school was achieved from my determination to get to this very place. While my adventure continues at OSU I tend to keep my determination and hard work ethic to flourish through the school years to come. That no matter the task, to do my best and strive for graduation in my major of choice, biochemistry. After undergrad I foresee medical school for medical research. While my time persists at OSU I see many doors opening. Research opportunities to gain knowledge and connection into the world of medicine will arise through the many options and chances OSU gives us.

Within ENR Scholars our motto revolves around the environment, sustainability, and outdoor adventures. Each aspect of ENR holds true in our hearts to connect all of us in our different interests within each field. Personally environment holds true to be in the beauty I can experience each day. Starting from simple things of the scenery touches deeply in the serenity and peacefulness. An example would be a morning walk watching the sunrise brightens the day just a slight bit more to make things so much more. Yet also the environment can also be about the creatures that revolve around us. The flourishing color of life all around reminds that the slightest touch of life is beautiful whether its a turtle to a whale. Life is beautiful and witnessed in the sights in our environment that all should take a moment to cherish. With all great life and beauty there is an aspect of destruction. With the realization of the dark side to all that is light, as an individual you can take into your own hands sustainability. My goals are to with knowledge realize the impact humans have and do what little part I can. Whether it be from recycling, energy conversations, or even large clean ups of our area. Volunteering to maintain the beautiful world we are in is a passion to act from simple motives to massive actions to make a difference. Lastly with all the realization of our world with good and bad and our actions to maintain adventure arises. I truly love being out in nature from a simple walk out on the beach to camping for days out in a rugged terrain. The aspect is to take the amazing world we have that is around us and explore with new sights and events.1476450_630550796987050_281287050_n