Year in Review

This school year has overall been an experience of a lifetime. It has pushed many out of its comfort zone from the academic level, social, and simply living away from home for the first time for many. Choosing to come to a school let alone one out of state was a leap of faith and one that has made me grown as a person so much from the actions I have made, the classes I have attended, and the friends and memories I have created have taught me all lessons to take with me down my road as I continue on.

Being here at the Ohio State University, there is many things always occurring from our academics itself and then let alone our numerous amount of clubs. Also communities we build from honors and scholars programs that I have been blessed to be in with ENR. This year being a part of ENR has challenged me to see the world differently. My life before my first year here was hectic always running around between jobs, school, and other activities such as clubs and friends that I never so much as slowed down to think of my impact or what I could even change even if small to make a difference on our world. From our TED talks for assignments and discussions in class and by far my favorite guest speakers I have began to see our daily activities go a long way. I have loved to become more aware through this year and be a part of moments such as apple picking and bringing awareness to our school on our carbon footprint. Also through Earth month taking a challenge to change and reduce my very own footprint.

Little decisions such as trying new things the ENR program has challenged us with or changing old habits for my new lifestyle of college all these difference from my old ways have taught me many things; about myself, others and the society around me. From this year I hope to make changes on myself. To keep growing and learning. To try new things to broaden my horizon of the sense of world around me. Experiences can define you and how you perceive things around you. Especially actions you choose not necessarily define you but give you an experience to make a decision continue down your path that lays out from a decision made or change it for you want to be better or something new. Change is a part of life and I want to be open to it all, ultimately to become a better person always willing to grow.

Choices that make you choose your actions and to live differently come mainly from yourself and how you feel personally about yourself. Ultimately at the end of the day you have to be able to look in the mirror and be comfortable with yourself.  Your actions will reflect on who you want to be. Another impact that prompts change our people we love that are around us. People have a need for socialization and a form of acceptance which is keen from loved ones. Many of my choices have come from wanting to grow for myself but also for my family. To become a person they are proud of. When we see from the world around us we take many things from the people and the environment. The positivity and negativity from the world drives me to go further to do better. If I reach a goal take another step that you should never settle and strive for more. In that the world brings many factors for our lives and to give back I have chosen to be different, to not go through my life unaware of the Earth to care for it and be aware it needs care back.

Lastly Scholars Earth Month challenge has changed my year in review greatly by the end of the school year. There are many tasks I can perform that take no added time to reduce my carbon footprint. My choices made the world around me a cleaner place. Little actions make a difference especially add up for the long run. Some of the tasks I took were challenging and others were very easy to perform in my daily routine. As for my actions I chose to change made an impact some are easier to continue doing then others. Such as public transportation if available I will gladly take that then my car but some areas do not offer it as much as others. But the electricity use in my house I can make a big change and continue good habits and hope to do so.

Columbus TO DO List Part 2

For the second semester on our round two of Columbus to do list, to experience what Columbus has to offer I choose to attend three clinics at the OAC. The point of the clinics are to teach you and allow growth in outdoor adventure skills. The first clinic I participated in was the Belay clinic with fellow ENR members, as described in my first post. The second clinic I participated in was the Kayak Roll. A clinic that is based on fun and safety; the majority of the session revolved on safety and what to do in any circumstances of distress if you find yourself out on water in a kayak. Skills such as removing yourself from the compartment you’re sitting and freeing oneself if flipped. Then came the fun part of the event was rolling the kayak in circles. Being able to flip the kayak around and have no worries but also knowing you were prepared for the worst if your capped sized and must escape. The third and final clinic I participated in was the intro to Qajaasaarneq. Qajaasaarneq is seen as an exercise and training system. The whole thing itself is when you suspend yourself on two ropes parallel to each other and perform different actions on the ropes themselves. Contorting and spinning around and especially having a strong balance.

The Columbus to do list this semester I wanted to push the barriers that is why I choose to do the Outdoor Adventure Center clinics to broaden my skills and try something new. Overall from this semesters project of the to do list I found the Belay clinic to be my favorite activity. I preferred the belay clinic overall was fascinating to me because it was something I don’t get to see around often when it comes to rock climbing. Being from Florida kayaks and skills for being out in the water alone or with a giant group of people is more so a norm for me, therefore the clinic was a fun experience but wasn’t necessarily something new in my experiences. Especially being able to enjoy the experience with my roommate and learn together hands on climbing the wall and taking turns belaying for one another. Those were memories that make the semester special and skills worth learning when with friends.

This semester I learned that our school’s outdoor adventure center and its activities are one in a million to take advantage of. The center offers so many opportunities of clinics from learning sessions to our on the field hands on learning. Being able to take advantage of that allows for so much growth especially at this time in our lives. The three clinics I participated in have sparked my interest to get involved more when I return to school next year to keep learning and experiencing new skills. Overall the OAC offers so much and I would recommend anyone to go visit the center themselves. They have so many different clinics and sessions that anyone is bound to find something that interests them and meet people with similar taste.

Earth Month Challenge Week 4

The overall month challenge was an interesting experience. I learned that there is a lot in this day and age we take for granted that have a large impact on our world around us. The challenges I gave myself were in a way tricky I feel just for having to remind myself to perform them from my usual tasks. Such as waking up just unplugging my phone from the charger I would need to unplug all my electronics on the outlet. Little things such as that tend to slip many peoples’ minds but consume copious amounts of energy for doing nothing. Also that even larger task take such as walking over cars for transportation’s provide improvement to our world and our daily lives to take in all around us. I have learned about myself this month that I am always typically go, go, go; and that in retrospect it is normal for a college student to be on the run. But if taken just a slight moment or a little decision can have an impact and won’t take much longer in your day to perform. Through the month I have enjoyed challenging myself and learning new ways I can make an impact through actions in my daily life to reduce my carbon foot print. I love the thought of continuing the actions to reduce my carbon output. Will I continue all the tasks I did exactly this month, no I will not. Yet I will find ways to incorporate tasks that fit my schedule and life style to make a difference. Such as I originally suggested in my thought on the Earth month challenge to come of ideas I will convert some of those to a reality. One such example will be adding power strips around my rooms that I can have everything plugged into and that I can turn off when not in use to save electricity use. Other tasks can be such as carpooling to reduce how many cars on the road that emitting toxins into our air. The challenge area I choose was an interesting one that I am glad I tried; however I would try another area of reducing my foot print to broaden my actions of ways to reduce and help the earth. The challenge for Earth month was an excellent learning experience and I am glad I was able to try it along with my roommates for support and learn my overall impact and what I can change.

Earth Month Challenge Week 3

The third week has flown by and time for Earth month is coming around but the Co2 levels I and many of us emit is lowering. Plus the financial savings add up. The third week was a little different compared to my first two. The first two weeks were simple steps to lead to larger milestones I can take to reduce my footprint. My third week I walked over transportation of my car or a bus if not necessary. It went well overall, took extra steps though for me make a larger impact. Simple acts of going to the store, when I typically would grab my car or going to shore north using a bus, I would walk to these places over the typical transportation. I learned that taking a walk over the usual transportation, even though it takes a little longer is overall enjoyable. The walk is a chance to get outside and admire the beauty and best of all benefit the world around us. For the coming up week I expect to have the greatest challenge but of course for the last week I want to take a large challenge!

Second Week of Earth Month

The second week of our Earth month challenge has passed and overall seemed a lot easier. The overall challenge for the full month is to take initiative and once the action begins it all starts rolling into place. My goal this week was being active in our room and places I’m in to use less electricity such as if the room has no one in it that the lights and electronics are all off. Also this week was coinciding with my first week’s challenge of unplugging all electronics not in use; overall goal to reduce electricity consumption that is unnecessary. Over the second week I learned that there are multiple ways for more efficient lighting. Such as opening more windows, however if it is your actual home you could take a step to buy light bulbs that last longer and safe energy themselves. The tasks you can take such as lights and unplugging are still minor but bring a large impact especially over time. The second weekend is over and thus comes around the third week which again I plan to add on with more tasks. This coming up week I plan to reduce my use of cars and buses. My plan is to walk more so over any form of transportation to reduce use of gas and emissions from vehicles. From the 2 weeks and persisting on I learned that the constant reminder I had to give myself from the first week was challenging to remember the little tasks but as I continue to perform the actions it has become easier to remember if not habit.

Earth Month Challenge Week One!

First week of our Earth Month Challenge, overall went smoothly. Many people have taken on various tasks and are working hard to reduce their CO2. The first week was the first step into our overall challenge and goal. It is the first step into the many that will be taken and built upon. My challenge area was energy and transportation. My first week I started off small with unplugging all electronics not in use all around my own room and our common area. The only main struggle was remembering the little things such as a phone charger or my printer. Items that are used commonly but have no need to stay plugged in if not in use. One thing I found that helped that I changed through the week is having a power strip with my electronics plugged into creating only one plug I need to remove from an outlet. I noticed through the week of plugging and unplugging in many of mine and others electronics is that I use some items more than others creating a need to charge them such as my laptop and phone. Yet mainly my first week was an easy one to slide into my challenges to come and was a great first step to making a change in my daily routine to better our environment. My second week I tend to add to my first and take a step towards more energy conservation. My main thing is remembering the steps I can take to help the earth and to continuously make that effort as my weeks continue.


Earth Month Challenge Proposal

Beginning March 22 and through the month of April for Earth Month we have within our ENR scholars group to take multiple steps to reduce our footprint to help the earth. One person can do a lot to change their environment. My goal I have set for the month is too work on the field of energy and transportation. There are four weeks total and each week I will add a new task to challenge myself. Week one I will consist of unplugging all electronics not in use. Week 2 I will add conservation of light use with being sure lights in any room unused is off. Week three I will increase my walking to places over cars or buses. Finally the last week I will take stairs over the elevators. Overall the challenges I have set for myself but seem almost simple but my fear is in the difficulty of being repetitive and keep on going strong on my task everywhere I go to help the world around me.

Earth Month Challenge Part 1

ENR Earth Month Challenge Part 1

                For Earth Month we all will be taking on a challenge to take step towards helping our environment by decreasing our footprint. This month I will focus specifically on energy and transportation. Within the three areas we are allowed to explore in our efforts in the Earth Month challenge the energy and transportation catches my eye over them all. I have chosen to take on the energy and transportation category for I feel this is the category I can make the biggest impact from myself for our environment in numerous tasks. All that matters is effort even the slightest step can have a great ripple effect. Therefore the month I will attempt and achieve many tasks to help reduce my footprint on the environment.

Within the categories are numerous things that a person can do to decrease their impact. Under my chosen category, energy and transportation, there can be actions of:

  1. Use stairs over elevators.
  2. Turn off lights when not present in a room.
  3. Un-plug electronics not in need of charging/use
  4. Car-pool
  5. Walk to places over vehicles
  6. Use of rechargeable batteries
  7. Use of solar panels
  8. Get vehicles serviced regularly so there are no more emissions then necessary
  9. Energy saving bulbs
  10. Proper insulation in rooms
  11. Energy efficient appliances
  12. Keep the thermostat lower in winter and ease on air conditioning in summer
  13. Dry clothes outside if when possible
  14. Reduce mileage
  15. Non toxic cleaning agents

On our campus they have multiple resources that help others all over be efficient and environmentally kind. There are 1) buses that are used for transportation over taking an individual car places. Another option is 2) the Sierra Club among campus and 3) the Climate Reality Project group. Both meet on multiple occasions to spread the word of saving and living lifes that aid our earth. They give key points on actions one can take to change their daily activities and help influence other to reduce the carbon footprint all around. Overall these groups are ways to meet others and have support in your goals to reach individually and as a whole all around you.

Lastly from resources in someone’s own area there a numerous websites that can offer aid such as:


These entire website give insights to our world and the emission people cause in daily activities. Few give articles and information about our society. While others get into details on ways you can lower your carbon emission. None the less each website brings in key points one may consider in their path to a greener living.

Columbus To Do list Spring Semester Part 1

Columbus To-Do List Spring Semester 2016

            This semester I have chosen to take on the goal of attending at least three OAC clinics. The ultimate goal is to learn and grow in outdoor adventure skills. Overall with this choice I hope to gain knowledge in other aspects for outdoor adventures, on top of adding skills and fun to my time here this semester. The clinics offered by OAC range in many different aspects for the outdoors between rock climbing, and kayaking, etc. I am excited to learn new skills and be active in them. To see another side to what my college offers, not just scholarly knowledge in my classes but skills and tools I can apply outside on adventures if I so choose to explore more.

At the time being I have been able to complete one of the 3 OAC clinics so far. I was fortunate enough to partake in the Belay clinic with fellow ENR scholars. The class began with the basics that intern became applied to when we go to go to the rock wall and experience it firsthand. I enjoyed that the first 30 minutes of our hour clinic was small group sessions getting to learn the equipment and skills that will be useful and are key to when you belay. After our lesson we were able to get hands on experience individually within our group. Along with my friends I had a wonderful memorable time that I was able to attain the skill and have a laugh along with others. From the clinic I am now able to go become belay certified which I plan to do soon. My first clinic has opened my eyes to some lead roles in the activities we perform and I am excited looking forward to the certification test and to partake in more clinics.

Career:Ted Talk

ENR Ted Talk: Relation to Business and Sustainable Design

                All around there are ways for people to aid in sustainability. Within their daily activities and even there career. As a business student the main goals is successful in your company to thrive, yet as stated in the TED talks “profit isn’t everything”. Within your business one can do much more for others and the world around them. The Ted Talks all begin with the basics of a business and personal experiences they had and what they did and are doing to improve the environment all around. As stated in one of the Ted Talks there are simple acts all can perform to help. One must not think solely on what the company sole purposes of a job but what they can do to change lives. That no one should be a innocent bystander but to take action. That goals should be set to be competitive, consistent, profitable, and overall responsible within the growth.  From these videos I learned that there is an overall larger picture. That no matter what one makes an impact, a footprint on our earth. Our goal is to be reasonable and aware of what we do. That our production within any business has an input and output that produce a good/service but also a side product, that not all think off but is there such as waste that can harm people around us. Environmental impact comes from everyone. Time and effort is what it takes to change the world around us. Aiding within the company you work for or own is a large step. Changing your overall goals to not that I’m here to sell this item but I’m here to change lives in any little way by helping our world all around. To keep the environment safe for us now and the future well being of all people around us.