Earth Month Challenge Week 3

The third week has flown by and time for Earth month is coming around but the Co2 levels I and many of us emit is lowering. Plus the financial savings add up. The third week was a little different compared to my first two. The first two weeks were simple steps to lead to larger milestones I can take to reduce my footprint. My third week I walked over transportation of my car or a bus if not necessary. It went well overall, took extra steps though for me make a larger impact. Simple acts of going to the store, when I typically would grab my car or going to shore north using a bus, I would walk to these places over the typical transportation. I learned that taking a walk over the usual transportation, even though it takes a little longer is overall enjoyable. The walk is a chance to get outside and admire the beauty and best of all benefit the world around us. For the coming up week I expect to have the greatest challenge but of course for the last week I want to take a large challenge!

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