Earth Month Challenge Week 4

The overall month challenge was an interesting experience. I learned that there is a lot in this day and age we take for granted that have a large impact on our world around us. The challenges I gave myself were in a way tricky I feel just for having to remind myself to perform them from my usual tasks. Such as waking up just unplugging my phone from the charger I would need to unplug all my electronics on the outlet. Little things such as that tend to slip many peoples’ minds but consume copious amounts of energy for doing nothing. Also that even larger task take such as walking over cars for transportation’s provide improvement to our world and our daily lives to take in all around us. I have learned about myself this month that I am always typically go, go, go; and that in retrospect it is normal for a college student to be on the run. But if taken just a slight moment or a little decision can have an impact and won’t take much longer in your day to perform. Through the month I have enjoyed challenging myself and learning new ways I can make an impact through actions in my daily life to reduce my carbon foot print. I love the thought of continuing the actions to reduce my carbon output. Will I continue all the tasks I did exactly this month, no I will not. Yet I will find ways to incorporate tasks that fit my schedule and life style to make a difference. Such as I originally suggested in my thought on the Earth month challenge to come of ideas I will convert some of those to a reality. One such example will be adding power strips around my rooms that I can have everything plugged into and that I can turn off when not in use to save electricity use. Other tasks can be such as carpooling to reduce how many cars on the road that emitting toxins into our air. The challenge area I choose was an interesting one that I am glad I tried; however I would try another area of reducing my foot print to broaden my actions of ways to reduce and help the earth. The challenge for Earth month was an excellent learning experience and I am glad I was able to try it along with my roommates for support and learn my overall impact and what I can change.

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