School Garden Week of April 15th, 2024.

This is a weekly look at what is happening in the school garden to assist teacher educators engage their students in agriculture.  It can be used by garden students of all ages however!

Send me some pics!  I know we have some growing going on right now!

Guess what?  The online modules to support Growing Teachers Throughout the Seasons are LIVE!! You can access them HERE, or check out the go link  –>

First up a weather report to get us through the week for planning on our season extension:


Outside in the raised beds:

Once we get to the 50 degree days and the plants start to increase their growth rate, we will need to fertilize using either the Shake and Feed or the pink crystals that mix in with water that you got from Katie, not the Aerogarden fertilizer.  Make sure to follow the label instructions. Check for your fertilizers now, and if you do not have any, then contact Katie.

With the warm weather and fast growth,  make sure you are watering as needed, once to twice per week, check and water on Fridays before the weekend!

This week:

  • All the days this week are good for harvesting, watering, and fertilizing your plants.  Make sure to allow the beds to warm up before you pop the top open.  Around mid-day is best.  Check to see if you need to water.
  • The planting recommendations are based on temperature.  Stay inside and safe if there are thunderstorms outside.  Do not harden off plants if there is heavy rain and wind.  Watch they do not dry out in this heat!
  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday – If you have transplants that need to be planted outside, these days are good for hardening off your plants.  Check out the video below for tips.
  • Thursday- A good planting and harvest day.  Water your beds if we do not get lots of rain. Make sure to cover your beds before you leave.
  • Friday  – A good planting and harvest day. We are supposed to have lots of rain this week, but if we do not, make sure to water before you leave for the weekend.
  • Make sure you have your season extension garden cover over your plants, we may have a frost on Sunday night!

Here is a video that details how to harden off your plants prior to transplanting, to minimize transplant shock.

Once the warmer weather gets here, plus the extra sunlight, we anticipate fast growth of the outdoor veggies.

Since we are in great harvest weather, make sure you are following safe harvesting procedures.  Check out this video for some safe harvesting tips.

Have questions about how your plants are doing or if they are big enough to harvest?  Just send me questions and pictures to

Inside under LED lights:  

CCS Teachers – Try to plant all of your transplants outside in your raised beds as soon as they are ready to go and have been hardened off.  Great growing weather ahead. 

Here is the transplant video if you need a refresher on transplanting:


Inside in the Aerogarden:

Hopefully your tomatoes are doing great and you are getting a harvest with your kiddos.  Let me know if you have any questions or problems.  CLICK HERE for the Aerogarden tomato planting guide. If you need tomato pods then contact Katie.


Basic Aerogarden Tomato Planting

  • Plant just one tomato pod in the Aerogarden Harvest.
  • Keep the small plastic dome on the pod until germination.
  • Remove the small plastic dome after the seed sprouts.
  • Thin to only one tomato plant in the system.
  • Keep the other holes covered with the black or white plastic caps to keep light from entering into the reservoir with the nutrient system.


The Aerogarden website has a tremendous amount of content to assist with maintenance of the units, troubleshooting problems, or how to take care of the plants in the system.

This yellow cherry tomato looks great! Well pruned, fertilized, and pollinated and producing lots of tomatoes.

Do you need seeds or seed starter for your project?  Contact Katie.

Any questions about your growing?  Email me at

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