Living Your Best Garden Life: Summer! Webinar Recording is Live

I had a great time last night partnering with The Nature Conservancy talking about how you can Live Your Best Garden Life this Summer!  For those who missed the recording you can find it below.

Did you miss the Living Your Best Garden Life: Spring! webinar?  Here you go!

The third webinar recording will be Living Your Best Garden Life: Fall! and will take place on Wednesday August 9th @ 6:30.  Attendance is free but required registration.  The link is below.  Bring your friends and your questions!   Register for Living Your Best Garden Life: Fall!

How to Grow Your Best Tomatoes This Season

Tomatoes are a taste of summer that we all look forward to.  We have had  a challenging year so far for sure.  A cooler wet spring has given way to some serious heat going forward.  Here is some great information on how the backyard grower, community gardener, or urban farmer can get a healthy tomato crop this season.

First up is a webinar class that details best ways on tomato production: Check out Tomatoes 101



Tomatoes face multiple weather and temperature challenges.  We just came through some serious 3 inch rain events.  That can cause disease for our tomato friends,  check out this informative article with pics to help you Keep Your Tomatoes Healthy in Wet Weather.

This summer is predicted to be HOT!  While tomatoes are a summer crop,  excessive heat can decrease production.  Check out this article to learn How to Keep Your Tomatoes Healthy in Hot Weather.

I am talking tomatoes with NBC4!  Check out Tomatoes 101 on Extension Today!

No Garden, No Space? No Problem! Try Gardening in Containers.

Container gardening is one of my most popular classes.  You need only a little bit of sunny space to fit in a container and you can grow a surprising amount of veggies in a large one.  Check out this video class on container gardening that discusses the four things you need to know to grow container veggies. (and herbs, and flowers, and fruit!)

  1. The container
  2. The soil
  3. How to water
  4. How to fertilize

It’s Radish Season!

Radishes are a healthy spring favorite vegetable that come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Check out this fun and engaging 2 minute long video showing planting, harvesting, and preparing radishes into a spicy quick fridge pickle that takes advantage of this season’s harvest.

It’s Spinach Season! Here is a Healthy Spinach and Strawberry Salad

While it has been a cool and wet April so far, that has not been a problem if you Overwintered Spinach that you planted last fall, or you were able to get some seeds into the ground earlier in March.  Right now spinach is in harvest and if you are looking for a tasty and healthy salad idea, check out this video that Jenny and I did last spring showing how to grow, harvest, and prepare a healthy spinach and strawberry salad.


We also have a version translated into Spanish!

It is not too late to plant spinach right now but time is getting short.  Get some seeds in the ground soon before the weather gets too hot.

Seed Starting Resources

We are heavy into Seed Starting season for both spring and summer veggies.  It is not too late to get tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant started for late May/early June transplanting as well as get some more lettuce, kale, and bok choi going for round two of spring greens.  Below find a recorded webinar class on Seed Starting,  a short and engaging 4 minute video that highlights the basics, as well as a video to demonstrate potting up transplants into cell packs.

Seed Starting Webinar

Seed Starting in 4 Minutes

Transplanting Seedlings into Cell Packs

2022 Spring Garden Planning

It is getting to the time to get ready to plant the spring garden!   Here is a webinar class to talk about what to do now and how to get started to make your 2022 Spring garden a bountiful harvest.

Have any questions about how to start your spring garden?  Send them my way to