Garden Walks on the South Side @ Mari Sunami Community Garden on two Wednesdays: August 3rd and September 7th, @ 6pm (2022)

We have two more garden walks at Mari Sunami!  In the first walk on August 3rd we will be talking about what summer crops you can still plant for a fall harvest.  For the second walk on September 7th we will talk fall planting of cool season crops. Plus lots more about pests, weeds, disease, fertilizing, and harvesting.   The walks are free and open to the public so bring your friends and your questions!

Also,  there is potential space available if you are in need of a garden plot!   Contact Jess at the phone and email below if you are interested.


Here is a close up of the map to get you to the location


Garden Walk at Worthington Community Garden on Wednesday June 29th @ 6:00pm

There will be an early summer garden walk at Worthington Community Garden on Wednesday June 29th @ 6:00pm.  We will talk weather and planning,  what bugs to watch for,  crop rotation, what you can plant NOW, and fertilization strategies.  This walk is free and open to the public so bring your friends and your questions.


The garden is located at 345 E. Wilson Bridge Rd. Worthington, OH 43085  CLICK For a Map.

How to Grow Your Best Tomatoes This Season

Tomatoes are a taste of summer that we all look forward to.  We have had  a challenging year so far for sure.  A cooler wet spring has given way to some serious heat going forward.  Here is some great information on how the backyard grower, community gardener, or urban farmer can get a healthy tomato crop this season.

First up is a webinar class that details best ways on tomato production: Check out Tomatoes 101



Tomatoes face multiple weather and temperature challenges.  We just came through some serious 3 inch rain events.  That can cause disease for our tomato friends,  check out this informative article with pics to help you Keep Your Tomatoes Healthy in Wet Weather.

This summer is predicted to be HOT!  While tomatoes are a summer crop,  excessive heat can decrease production.  Check out this article to learn How to Keep Your Tomatoes Healthy in Hot Weather.

I am talking tomatoes with NBC4!  Check out Tomatoes 101 on Extension Today!