Info for Growers

Here is the link to all the wonderful Extension publications.  Feel free to look around for information on about any topic you can think of.

Garden Planning Fact Sheet – Brand new?  Here is where to start.

Landing Page for City of Columbus and Franklin County Local Food Action Plan.  This has the link to the urban agriculture publications that govern growing within city limits.

Extension has prepared a list of TAX PROFESSIONALS to assist with Agriculture and Farm based tax Questions.

NEW FARMER LINKS AND INFORMATION:   I will update as I find new good information.


(Ohioline is undergoing updating right now.  If you do not find a publication that you remember or need to access that used to be on the list, let me know and I will forward your query to the editors to put it near the front of the line)



ODNR – Ohio Pond Management Handbook – free outstanding resource, available as PDF to print

OSU School of Environment and Natural Resources Pond Page

USDA Ponds: Planning and Design – outstanding free large PDF resource


I am also a Team Member for the POULTRY TEAM at Ohio State.  This is a collaboration with State Extension Vets, Educators in AG and 4-H, as well as backyard enthusiasts to provide knowledge that all groups can use.  Contact me with questions regarding this or if you want to be a part.

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide —->  CLICK HERE FOR FREE PDF   (This is the new 2020 guide!)

Vegetable Factsheets for home growers:

Fruit Factsheets for home growers:

OSU Extension FREE guide to vegetable grafting  (requires submit for download)

ATTRA is the National Substainable Agricultural Assistance Program.  Their publication list has literally hundreds of links to free PDF’s as well a some for a small fee on every topic you can imagine in Agriculture including but not limited to horticulture, small farms, herbs, flowers, fruit, vegetables, animals, etc.  You get the idea ———> CLICK HERE FOR PUBLICATION LIST


Midwest Vegetable Trial Reports ——>  CLICK HERE FOR FREE PDF

Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide ——>  CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO LIST

Protecting Pollinators in the Landscape ——>  LINK TO THE PDF

Pond Management —–> Free 20 page PDF from Purdue Extension

Best Pests/Diseases for Vegetables/Fruits/Trees/Flowers I have seen.  HUGE RESOURCE –>   West Virginia U Extension Publication

Washington State U Extension  Beneficial Insects —–>Beneficial Insects PDF

Ohio State Weed Management Website

Minnesota Extension has a great website on diagnosing plant/tree/flower/etc ——>  CLICK FOR LINK

Excellent OSU website to diagnose problems in ears of corn

Weed Control in Pastures presentation – good pictures with references and control information

Find an Arborist