Grow Your Own Fresh Vegetables All Winter Long

One of my favorite ways to grow is over winter,  under season extension.  My favorite veggies that can handle the cold are spinach, kale, bok choi, and believe it or not, cilantro!

Check out this recorded webinar class on Growing Over Winter to help get you started.

Fall Vegetable Planting Time is Now

Looking for a fun outdoor activity this Labor Day?  Now is a good time to get some vegetable seeds in the ground for a fall harvest.  Right now you can plant direct seeded in the ground:

  • Lettuce
  • Leafy brassicas
  • Radishes
  • Green Onions
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Turnips

If you can find some cabbage or broccoli transplants at the nursery they can go in the ground as well.  In two weeks plant another short row of lettuce and radishes to extend your harvest even longer.  I would wait on planting spinach right now,  still a bit too warm for that finicky crop to germinate.

Check out this video on Planting the Fall Garden for even more information and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Garden Walk at Franklinton Farms on Wednesday September 14th, 2022 @ 6pm.

We have a new date for our Garden Walk.  It will be on Wednesday September 14th, 2022 @ 6pm.

Franklinton Farms is a nonprofit ~2 acre scattered site urban farm. Over the past three years, with the support of a Warner Grant for Sustainable Agriculture through OSU, Franklinton Farms has been trialing a few different, low-cost ways to improve production of lettuce in our increasingly hot summers. We’ll share with you what we’ve learned over the past three years, showing our techniques and sending you home with a supplies and equipment list so you can more successfully grow lettuce in the heat.    This event is free and open to the public so bring your friends and your questions.

We will meet in the parking lot at the main office at 867 W. Town St. then walk over to the plot at the corner of  Walnut, Rich,  and Martin.  Hope to see you there!

Rescheduled!! Garden Walk at Franklinton Farms

The garden walk at Franklinton Farms on Tuesday August 30th @ 6pm is cancelled and rescheduled.  New Post Coming Soon.  Besides talking about planting, harvesting, and what is going on now we will share a little bit about some of the on-farm research that we have been doing together the past three years on some new and interesting methods of growing leafy greens in hot weather.  This event is free and open to the public so bring your friends and your questions.

We will meet in the parking lot at the main office at 867 W. Town St. then walk over to the plot at the corner of  Walnut, Rich,  and Martin.  Hope to see you there!

A Busy Week in the Garden and Market! Three events on August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th this week.

Lots going on in the garden this week.  It is planting time for the last batch of summer veggies,  time to start fall cool season vegetables,  plus maintenance of our current crops with pest, weed, and fertility challenges.  Plus 90 degree heat.  I will be out in the community all week talking these topics on two garden walks plus a trip to the Bronzeville Grower Market.


Tuesday August 2nd: A Garden Walk at Bexley Community Garden South @ 6:30pm.

Come join us at the Bexley Community Garden South, 925 Ferndale Place, Bexley for a free in-person class to discuss:

  • What bugs are a problem now.
  • What to do with fertility.
  • What are our weather predictions?
  • What to plant now

Link to Google Maps



Wednesday August 3rd: A Garden Walk at Mari Sunami Community Garden on the South Side @ 6pm.

We have two more garden walks at Mari Sunami!  In the first walk on August 3rd we will be talking about what summer crops you can still plant for a fall harvest.  For the second walk on September 7th we will talk fall planting of cool season crops. Plus lots more about pests, weeds, disease, fertilizing, and harvesting.   The walks are free and open to the public so bring your friends and your questions!

Also,  there is potential space available if you are in need of a garden plot!   Contact Jess at the phone and email below if you are interested.


Here is a close up of the map to get you to the location




Thursday August 4th: What to Plant NOW for Fall at the Bronzeville Growers Market @ 4pm.

Plus you can do some shopping and get some fresh produce!  See you out and about!

How to Grow Your Best Tomatoes This Season

Tomatoes are a taste of summer that we all look forward to.  We have had  a challenging year so far for sure.  A cooler wet spring has given way to some serious heat going forward.  Here is some great information on how the backyard grower, community gardener, or urban farmer can get a healthy tomato crop this season.

First up is a webinar class that details best ways on tomato production: Check out Tomatoes 101



Tomatoes face multiple weather and temperature challenges.  We just came through some serious 3 inch rain events.  That can cause disease for our tomato friends,  check out this informative article with pics to help you Keep Your Tomatoes Healthy in Wet Weather.

This summer is predicted to be HOT!  While tomatoes are a summer crop,  excessive heat can decrease production.  Check out this article to learn How to Keep Your Tomatoes Healthy in Hot Weather.

I am talking tomatoes with NBC4!  Check out Tomatoes 101 on Extension Today!

It’s Radish Season!

Radishes are a healthy spring favorite vegetable that come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Check out this fun and engaging 2 minute long video showing planting, harvesting, and preparing radishes into a spicy quick fridge pickle that takes advantage of this season’s harvest.

Good Agricultural Practices Workshop on Saturday April 2nd, 2022 @ 2:00pm

There is a Good Agricultural Practices workshop coming up soon,  see details below.

For questions contact Mike Hogan at

Click here to view, print, or download the flyer –> 2022 GAPs Workshop Flyer

Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop on Thursday March 24th, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

There will be a fruit tree grafting workshop on Thursday March 24th, 2022 @ 6:30 pm.  See details below.  Cost is $40 and registration is required.

To view, print, or download the flyer click here —-> Fruit Tree Grafting

To register click THIS LINK.

For any questions contact Mike Hogan @

Biosecurity for Backyard Poultry

Biosecurity is one of the most important tools in the toolbox of the poultry producer.  Learn some tips about keeping your flock safe in this short video collaboration with The Ohio Poultry Association.

It is also up on OSU Extension Facebook and Twitter.  Feel free to share with your audiences.