Physical Science

Mentoes and Diet Coke copy

Hot Fries Calorimetry – Students will explore calorimetry with Cheetos.

Edible Landfill – Students learn about how landfills are made by creating their own with delicious treats.

Electromagnetic and Emergency Lightbulb – Students will learn that electric circuits require a complete loop of conducting materials through which an electrical energy can be transferred.

Falling Marbles and Motion – This is a fun, energetic engineering exercise in which teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills are emphasized.

Dr. Brunelli’s Filtration Process – In this activity was developed by Dr. Nick Brunelli, students will explore filtration with M&M’s.

Getting Silly with Putty – Students will be introduced to the concept of polymers and their structure, as well as properties associated with them.

Gummy Bear Lights and Disappearing Beaker – Students use colored LEDs and gummy bears to investigate light and matter interactions.

Iron in Cereal – Students will learn that the iron needed in our bodies is the same as the iron that we are used to seeing (i.e. in nails) using properties of magnetism.

Solids, Liquids, Gases – Students will observe the different physical properties of water, and how they can chance.

Sounds Waves – Students will observe sound traveling through different mediums, and how the change in a sound’s pitch relates to the rate of vibration.

Tools of the Trade – Students will learn how to properly use lab instruments as well as simple lab safety techniques.

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