Mission Statement

The Scientific Thinker’s mission is to motivate the next generation of scientists from parts of our society that are often underserved in regard to significant STEM experiences and pathways to STEM careers. A majority of students that participate in this program are economically disadvantaged and most are from ethnic backgrounds which are vastly underrepresented in the scientific community.


Meet a Scientist – At the beginning of each visit, the volunteers introduce themselves to the students by giving a short description of their major and any research that they partake in.

Be a Scientist – The volunteers team-teach each lesson with the help of the teacher. This is the students’ chance to be a scientist! The students form hypotheses, observe, record data, and perform experiments.

Think like a Scientist – The students become inspired by working with our volunteers and continue to develop a passion for science and an ability to think like a scientist even outside the classroom.

The Scientific Thinkers program was established in 2010 to support and engage these students. Though the program struggled initially to gain full support and only had 1 teacher, 1 class, and a handful of volunteers, it has grown to have a significant impact on participating students, teachers, and volunteers. There are now more than 500 students, 20 teachers, and 50 volunteers impacted annually.

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