Innis Elementary School

Regular School Visit Calendar

Each school year, volunteers visit Innis a total of 10 times for hour-long lessons with the individual grades 1-5. Each grade gets visited twice throughout the year.

Innis visits are planned on Tuesdays from 1:00 PM- 3:30 PM, including travel time.

Upcoming visits can be viewed on our calendar.



Our annual event, Science Day, at Innis Elementary School is full of hands-on science demos and experiments. Volunteers will serve as the “scientists” and will walk groups of students through an experiment throughout the shift.

Science Day- December 6, 2018

Science Day-December 7, 2017

Science Day-December 8, 2016

Science Day-December 7, 2015


Science Night is a community outreach event on an evening each Spring for Innis Elementary students and their parents to enjoy science activities together.

Math and Science Night-March 28, 2018

Math and Science Night-March 21, 2017