Catapults – Students will build catapults which will allow them to test a scientific concept, change variables, and record the experimental outcome.

Egg Drop – Students will learn to use their creativity and basic knowledge o0f forces to design their own “Egg Shock Absorber.”

Falling Marbles – This is a fun, energetic engineering exercise in which teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills are emphasized.

Holding Weight – Students will use the engineering design process to build a support structure using specific materials and requirements. 

Marker Robots – Students will use a simple design process to design and construct Marker Robots using cups, markers, tape, and rotating motors. 

Oil Spill – Students will learn about oil spills, how they affect our natural environment, and how to clean it up.

Squishy Circuits – Students will explore the properties of electricity and create their own circuits with dough (recipe here).

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