Earth Science

Composition of Earth and Planets – Students will model the inside of the Earth and other planets and understand radii and diameter of a circle.

Cookie Mining Lab – Students will learn about renewable and nonrenewable resources while working through a cookie mining lab.

Measuring Weather part 1 – Students will learn how air and water relate to weather and weather changes.

Measuring Weather part 2 – Students will learn how air and water relate to weather and weather changes.

Planting – Students will be planting seeds and learn how to maintain their plant.

Phases of the Moon  – Students will explore how moon phases arise, how they change with the lunar cycle, and why certain phases are visible at certain times.

Rain and Clouds – Students will learn about the cycle of water through rain and clouds.

Soil Erosion – Students will visually see the importance of vegetation cover and how
it prevents soil erosion.

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