Frequently Asked Questions

Does Scientific Thinkers meet at the same time next semester?

Yes! Scientific Thinkers volunteer visit times remain on the same day/time of the week.  For example, Innis Elementary Visits are held on Tuesdays from 1:00-3:30 PM and Mansion Day visits are on Thursdays from 3:15 to 5:30 PM. If you are able, you can build your class schedule to allow for time to attend these visits.


I was unable to make the orientation, what can I do to still volunteer?

If you were unable to make the orientation but still want to volunteer you can email to arrange a make-up orientation.


I can’t make it to orientation because I have a class at that time, what should I do?

Our orientation times are strategically scheduled to mimic the availability you would need to volunteer with our program. If you are unable to make the orientation because of class, you probably would not be able to volunteer with us due to the time availability you would need.


I don’t have a car, can I still volunteer?

Yes! We do our best to arrange to carpool from OSU to the elementary schools. As we rely on volunteers to help with carpooling, there can occasionally be an issue with a shortage of drivers but we will do our best to make sure you get to and from campus.


I signed up to volunteer but I can no longer make it, what should I do?

We ask that if you need to cancel your spot to volunteer, that you do so no later than 24 hours before the visit. This will give us enough time to assess if we have enough volunteers or if we need to get more help. If you become sick and need to cancel the day of that is fine as well. To cancel you can either email or directly cancel your spot on the SignUp site.


How often do I need to volunteer?

To be considered an active general body member, you must attend at least two (or more) classroom visits a semester. If you are concerned about this requirement, please email to learn more about additional volunteer opportunities.