Donation Drive Update

Thank you to those who supported the Scientific Thinker’s 2020-2021 donation drive. The drive benefited both Parkmoor and Innis Elementary. In lieu of in-person outreach, this drive was able to support the schools with much-needed supplies. The schools requested drawing and craft materials, such as Play-Doh, crayons, markers, mechanical pencils, craft paper, and more. With your support, the organization was able to purchase the items all of the items the schools had requested

Teachers at both schools were incredibly excited about the donations and replenishment of craft supplies. The teachers at Parkmoor Elementary wrote that the materials were able to be distributed across various classrooms and had reached many students.

See pictures from the drive below!

Thank you again. With your help, Scientific Thinkers was able to continue serving our local Columbus elementary schools.

2021-2022 E-Board Update

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Scientific Thinkers executive board members! This group has a strong dedication to Scientific Thinkers and its organizational goals. They will be working as a team throughout the Fall and Spring semesters to lead the general body and committee members. Welcome, 2021-2022 Scientific Thinkers E-Board!

President: Audrey Zinn
Vice President: Manali Nayak
Treasurer: Anagh Kulkarni
Innis Chair(s): Anagh Kulkarni
Mansion Day Chair(s): Brad Goff
Events Chair(s): Simon Filbert, Sydney Collins
Parkmoor Chair(s): Shreyasi Mukherjee, Dagny Sacksteder
To learn more about the E-board members, click here.