Project Statement

The objective of this project was to explore different ways to communicate a newly found mashup word using isometric drawing techniques. when starting this project, I knew I wanted to create a word that communicated a message about my life and the space that I’m in. we used mashup words to create a new word and the word I came up with is Sinace: A setting where people can enjoy singing. The three words that I used to come up with my new word were “singing, happy, place”. I really enjoy singing and performing and at the time I felt deprived from being able to do something I really enjoy outside of design.


View detailed project process at Mashup: Process


Overall I enjoyed the creative freedom that we were given with this project. I feel as if I could have done a bit more iterating but I really enjoyed the outcome of my composition. I chose the word “Sinace” and its definition because since the beginning of the pandemic, I have had the hardest time finding a place where I enjoy singing. My happy place has always been on the stage performing, and I hope to be able to get back to that one day.