Action Required: Update to Qualtrics DMARC Email Distribution Changes posted on 1/29

New DMARC Requirements that Impact Qualtrics Workflow


What actions are needed?

For existing and new workflows that use the email task, the From Address must be updated to use one of the following domains. The email task will fail if this change is not made.

  • (Preferred)

Workflow Email Task Icon

All other available domains no longer function, which includes For reference, please review the steps below.

  1. Log into Qualtrics and open a survey project.
  2. Select the Workflows tab and open an existing Workflow or select Create a Workflow.


Screenshot of Qualtrics user interface to open workflow configuration

3. Within the Workflow editor, select an existing Email task or click Add a Task and select the Email task.

Screenshot of Qualtrics user interface to create a task in workflow configuration

Screenshot of Workflow Task Selection

4. Configure a From Address using one of the available domains referenced in this article.

    • Note: The Reply-To Email is unaffected by this requirement and any valid email address, including may be used.

Screenshot of Qualtrics user interface for Email task configuration


How can I identify if my workflow has failed?

  1. Click on the Workflow tab to view your list of workflows.
  2. Select the workflow you would like to review.
  3. Click on the Run History tab.

Screenshot of Qualtrics user interface view of email workflow run history


What do I do if an existing workflow task has failed?

  1. Update all failed email tasks with the proper domain as referenced in the first section of this article.
  2. Use one of the Retake survey options to regenerate the workflow task as shown in the Retake Survey Link documentation.

Screenshot of Qualtrics user interface to generate Retake Survey Link


What was the issue?

There was a disconnect from communications on what actions were necessary. While all of our custom email domains are listed as DMARC Verified in Qualtrics, there were additional steps that our IT Security needed to take to fully setup the domain.

We submitted a request to IT Security to include the other domains; however, we were informed that some top-level domains (including and do not support this configuration and cannot be added to Qualtrics.

We recognize the impact of this on our customers and we apologize for the inconvenience. To eliminate confusion within the workflow interface, we will be removing unusable domains in the near future.

If you have questions, please reach out to a Division Administrator for your area, which can be found here (Division Administrator List). If one is not listed for your area, please reach out to

Qualtrics Email Distribution Security Changes

All Qualtrics senders should be aware of changes coming to how some email providers enforce new spam-prevention policies.

What is the change?
This change is part of a larger initiative from Google and Yahoo to be more strict on complaint rates and spam prevention to reduce the number of spam emails their users receive and improve email security. How much these changes impact you depends on your role(s) with Ohio State and how you are using outside email services with your Ohio State email accounts. Learn what actions you can take beyond Qualtrics emails at OTDI’s site.

To make sure our messages don’t get blocked, OTDI will be making changes to certain Qualtrics settings.

What do I need to know?
1. OTDI will be changing the Qualtrics’ default From Address to on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.
2. The change will not impact existing surveys/notifications that use the Qualtrics default @qemailserver as both domains meet DMARC requirements.

It is best practice to use, please check your distribution emails and consider updating their notification to use this domain. To verify your distribution emails:

1. Open the project you would like to update.
2. From the selection tabs at the top of the page, please select Distributions
3. Select Emails on the right side of the page
4. Click on “+ Compose Email” and make sure the From Address is using

Optional: review existing distribution (these cannot be updated, new distribution email must be created)

What if I have questions?
If you have questions about implementing these new requirements or what they mean for your experience with Qualtrics, please refer to our Email support documentation(link is external). If you cannot find an answer, please email

Legacy Single Response Report to be deprecated by January 15, 2024


What is the change?
The legacy single response report is a URL that displays a report for a single survey response. It is formatted like below:{surveyId}&R={responseId}&ResponseSummary=True

These URLs are no longer generated by any workflows in the Qualtrics platform. However, there might be users in your brand who manually created these URLs in email triggers or email tasks by using piped text to add the responseId into the URL.

Starting December 15, 2023, these URLs will not work for newly created responses.

After January 15, 2024, these URLs will no longer work for any responses, and will instead return an error.

What action do I need to take?
Forward this email to users in your brand who might be manually constructing these URLs.

Any email task or email trigger where the user has manually created the legacy response report URL needs to be migrated to use the new single response report solution. There are 2 ways to switch to this new solution:

  1. Create an email task via Workflows and enable the “Include Response Report” option. This will automatically include a response report link in your email.
  2. Use an embedded data field in your email task to pipe in the new single response report URL. The format of the piped text is {srr://SingleResponseReportLink}

This migration must be completed before January 15, 2024. Legacy single response URLs will no longer work after that date.

What if I have questions?
If you have a question about how to start using the new single response report solution, please visit the Email Task support page. It’s also always worth checking the XM Community to see if any other users have the same question. If you’d rather speak to a specialist, our Support Team is always ready to assist. To contact them, please log into the Customer Success Hub.

Qualtrics Administration Transition

Qualtrics administration at Ohio State is transitioning to the Enterprise Content Services team within the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI). As part of this transition, Brand Administrator email requests will route to our team via ServiceNow, providing better visibility and monitoring for customers. The current mailbox will be retired on Friday, October 20, 2023. 

Qualtrics allows users to create, distribute and analyze surveys and can be used by current faculty, staff and students with a valid Ohio State Username and password. 

OTDI will continue making updates to improve security and comply with Ohio State data standards for Qualtrics users. Any changes will be communicated to users via email and published on and 

If you have any questions about this transition, contact a Brand Administrator via: 

XM Community is migrating to a new platform – with associated downtime during the first week of April.


NOTE: ***This only impact XM Community***

What’s changing?

We use a third-party platform provider to power the XM Community. We are moving to a NEW and different third-party platform provider in an effort to better serve the needs of the XM Community. For those who are curious, the new platform is powered by inSided (owned by Gainsight).

Will this change be disruptive or involve any downtime for customers?

Unfortunately, yes. Due to vendor circumstances outside of our control, there will be downtime for the XM Community – potentially as much as two weeks. This is due to vendor migration delays. We are working closely with the new vendor to reduce this downtime as much as we possibly can. You can check the Qualtrics Status Page during the downtime and subscribe to receive updates, as well.

Another email will be sent in April once things are up and running to let you know when you can come experience the new Community!

For those of you who have experience in vendor change and management, you’re probably aware that the process sometimes comes with a few bumps in the road. We appreciate your patience while we work hard to bring you a new and improved XM Community experience as soon as possible!

Can I contact the XM Community team during this downtime with questions or concerns?

Yes, you can email Michael Cooksey, Head of XM Community: