Division Administrator List

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OSU Qualtrics Division Administrators                                                              

Updated: 02/27/2024 

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Division Name Email
ACUHO-I Holly Stapleton stapleton.123@osu.edu
ACUHO-I Tori Negash negash.12@osu.edu
Athletics Makena Lynch lynch.400@osu.edu
College of Arts and Sciences Douglas Findlay findlay.2@osu.edu
College of Arts and Sciences Robb Hagen hagen.21@osu.edu
College of Dentistry Susan Kestner kestner.1@osu.edu
College of Education and Human Ecology Kevin Welsh welsh.171@osu.edu
College of Education and Human Ecology Scott Colleli colleli.5@osu.edu
College of Engineering Christopher Walker etshelp@osu.edu
College of Engineering Richard Hopkins-Lutz etshelp@osu.edu
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Deborah Lewis lewis.205@osu.edu
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Kris Read read.23@osu.edu
College of Law Larissa Rockoff rockoff.7@osu.edu
College of Medicine Angela Bower bower.223@osu.edu
College of Medicine Nicolette Bowersock bowersock.94@osu.edu
College of Medicine Lisa Ibarra ibarra.64@osu.edu
College of Nursing Awais Ali ali.61@osu.edu
College of Nursing Beny Walujo walujo.1@osu.edu
College of Nursing Erik Yarberry yarberry.4@osu.edu
College of Optometry Rebecca Roby roby.77@osu.edu
College of Optometry Willard Wilson wilson.2035@osu.edu
College of Pharmacy Casey Hoerig hoerig.4@osu.edu
College of Pharmacy Katherine Kelley kelley.168@osu.edu
College of Pharmacy Mary Higginbotham higginbotham.12@osu.edu
College of Public Health TBD TBD
College of Social Work Katie Kieninger kieninger.3@osu.edu
College of Social Work Lauren Haas haas.168@osu.edu
College of Social Work Devon Morgan morgan.1913@osu.edu
College of Veterinary Medicine Casey Hofmann hofmann.75@osu.edu
Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education Brianne Herrera SSRL@osu.edu
Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education Katie Dean SSRL@osu.edu
Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education Shanna Jaggars SSRL@osu.edu
Fisher School of Business Patricia Hambley helpdesk@fisher.osu.edu
Fisher School of Business Paul Fannin helpdesk@fisher.osu.edu
John Glenn School of Public Affairs Regina Robinson-Easter robinson-easter.1@osu.edu
Lima Campus Lori Schleeter schleeter.5@osu.edu
Mansfield Campus TBD TBD
Marion Campus Donna Bobbitt-Zeher bobbitt-zeher.1@osu.edu
Newark Campus Kacy Burchfield burchfield.53@osu.edu
OAA – University Libraries Beth Snapp snapp.6@osu.edu
OAA – University Libraries Quanetta Batts batts.8@osu.edu
Office of Compliance and Integrity Robert Moormann moormann.3@osu.edu
Office of Distance Education and eLearning David Mullins mullins.129@osu.edu
Office of Human Resources Mary Ravneberg ravneberg.3@osu.edu
Office of Human Resources Teresa Oakley oakley.93@osu.edu
Office of Institutional Research Sheila Craft-Morgan craft-morgan.1@osu.edu
Office of International Affairs Xinquan Jiang jiang.533@osu.edu
Office of Research Jody Austin austin.146@osu.edu
Office of Student Life Anne McDaniel mcdaniel.145@osu.edu
Office of Student Life Chrisse Edmunds edmunds.32@osu.edu
Office of Student Life Erica Regan regan.136@osu.edu
Office of Student Life Joshua Oconer oconer.1@osu.edu
Office of Student Life Marjorie Freggens freggens.1@osu.edu
Office of Student Life Jordan Smoot smoot.64@osu.edu
Office of Student Life Erica Szeyller szeyller.1@osu.edu
Office of Student Life Zarek Bell bell.1783@osu.edu
Office of Technology and Digital Innovation David Au au.39@osu.edu
Office of University Exploration Amy Treboni treboni.6@osu.edu
Office of University Exploration Peter Spreitzer spreitzer.6@osu.edu
OhioLINK Joanna Gilicinski gilicinski.4@osu.edu
OSU Health Plan Terri Taylor taylor.1942@osu.edu
University Advancement Molly Schmied schmied.2@osu.edu
University Advancement Kristy Metzger metzger.468@osu.edu
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