How to get R?

Installing and Updating R

  • Go to the R Project for Statistical Computing webpage: https://www.r-project.org/
    • Once on the R Project for Statistical Computing webpage, follow the instructions under Getting Started.
    • You will first be asked to choose a CRAN Mirror at a location that is close to you.
      • A CRAN Mirror a collection of web servers, each with an identical copy of all the information on the comprehensive R archive network.
      • Choosing the mirror that is closest to you reduces internet traffic.


  • After installing R, we recommend installing RStudio to use as the interface for using R.
  • Go to the RStudio webpage: https://rstudio.com/
    • Once on the RStudio webpage, click on DOWNLOAD.
    • There will be several RStudio versions to choose from.
      • Most people choose the free RStudio Desktop version.

Use R and RStudio in an EHE Virtual Computer Lab

Recommended R Resources