ODE: Ohio Department of Education Enrollment Data

  • Ohio education enrollment data can be accessed via the Education Management Information System (EMIS)
    • EMIS is the statewide data collection system for Ohio’s primary and secondary education
      • Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education
    • Staff, student, district/building, and financial data are collected through this system
    • Staff data include demographic, attendance, and course information
    • Demographic, student attributes, attendance, program, course, and test data are submitted to the Department at the student level
    • General school district and school building data, including financial data, are also reported through EMIS
  • EMIS provides longitudinal data containing fall enrollment data for public and nonpublic districts and schools by grade, ethnicity, and other disaggregations
  • Data representing the average daily membership (ADM) of students and headcount of students were collected for both buildings and districts
    • Twelve waves of data collection from 2008 – Present


  • Enrollment data is reported broken down by
    • grade, sex, ethnicity, and disability status
  • Click here to access the enrollment data
  • Historical data is also provided for
    • Districts (1978 – 2008)
    • Buildings (1993 – 2008)
    • Non-public (1978 – 2008)
  • Researchers can consult the EMIS manual to ensure the desired data items are collected by the state.

ODE enrollment Data data are available in public-use 

ODE: Department of Education District and Building Data

  • Longitudinal data that provides current and historical vital statistics for Ohio school districts and buildings including student, staff, and financial data
  • School district valuation data can be obtained from the Ohio Dept. of Taxation site
  • Vital statistics for both the District and County from 1994 – 1998 can be obtained using the ODE Interactive Web Center
  • Financial profiles of Ohio school districts can be viewed from the Ohio Department of Education Report Portal
    • Contains pupil profile from 1980 – present
    • contains staff profile from 1980 – present
  • .Click here for district and building data

ODE district and building data are available in public-use 

ODE: Department of Education Student Level Data

ODE student level data are only available in restricted-use 

  • Research organizations wishing to conduct evaluative studies using student-level data must file a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ODE

Click here to learn how to request student level data

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