Recommended Websites

The following websites are great sources of information on research methods. We often refer our clients to these sites for basic information, syntax, readings lists, tutorials, and examples of high quality research.

UCLA: Institute for Digital Research & Education (IDRE)
IDRE’s mission is support and advance research across the UCLA campus and to position UCLA as a leader in research and education in quantitative and computational methods. IDRE’s statistical consulting website provides a vast amount of information, syntax, and annotated output for STATA, SAS, SPSS, Mplus, and R. Methods described range from descriptive statistics to zero-inflated negative binomial regression.

Penn State University: The Methodology Center
The Methodology Center at Penn State is a leader in intervention research. The Center’s website offers links to extensive documentation on intervention optimization, adaptive interventions, TVM, and modeling of intensive longitudinal data. Free macros and plug ins to support your analysis, podcasts, videos, and a research page for teachers are also offered.

Sage Research Methods
SAGE Publications maintains a great website for research interested in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The home page features a nice menu of choices, from watching methods come alive through instructional videos, to practicing data analysis using SAGE datasets. Of course, you can also find information about all of SAGE’s methods books and publications. An extensive collection of videos from expert faculty on a variety of research methods issues including tips for conducting research, data science and big data, and market research methods ensure that you will have hours of great listening.

UC Riverside: Graduate Quantitative Methods Center
The Graduate Quantitative Methods Center site provides a nicely organized list of free resources on a variety of quantitative topics. Researchers can find support here regardless of how advanced their analytical skills.

Resources for the College of Education and Human Ecology: Educational Studies and Teaching and Learning
Resources created by The Ohio State University Libraries for the Department of Educational Studies and Department of Teaching and Learning.

Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research Initiative (GSIRI)
The Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research Initiative (GSIRI) offers Education and Human Ecology (EHE) graduate students an opportunity to collaborate in interdisciplinary research. The chief mission of GSIRI is to enhance collaboration, creation, and contribution amongst diverse graduate student burgeoning expertise in order to address the pressing educational issues that exist in our society.