NSCH: National Survey of Children’s Health

  • Longitudinal study that collects national and state-level data on the physical and emotional health of children between 0 – 17 years old in the United States.
  • Sponsored by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration.
  • Households were randomly selected
    • Households were still prompted to respond to the survey even if they had no children to get accurate information about the number of children living in the United States
  • Data collection began in 2016 and is ongoing
    • Five years of available data

  • The survey collects information related to the health and well-being of children, including access to and use of health care, family interactions, parental health, school and after-school experiences, and neighborhood characteristics.
  • Survey topics include:
    • Child and family characteristics
    • Physical and mental health status, including current conditions and functional difficulties
    • Health insurance status, type, and adequacy
    • Access and use of health care services
    • Medical, dental, and specialty care needed and received
    • Family health and activities
    • Impact of child’s health on family
    • Neighborhood characteristics



NSCH data are available in public-use

Public-Use Data

    • Public-use data sets are currently available for all waves
    • Click here to download data for SAS and Stata

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