Educational Studies Courses

Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement (QREM)

Department Course Course Number Course Name Course Description
ESQREM 6621 Introduction to Educational Evaluation Introduction to educational evaluation, including history, models, theories, politics of evaluation, and ethical standards for evaluators and the conduct of evaluations.
ESQREM 6625 Introduction to Educational Research Designed to acquaint students with the nature of the research process and strategies for conducting studies of various aspects of education and related fields.
ESQREM 6641 Introduction to Educational Statistics An introduction to quantitative techniques, with an emphasis on educational settings.
ESQREM 6661 Introduction to Educational Measurement Provides a general survey of measurement and testing, including test evaluation and the basics of test construction, validity and reliability.
ESQREM 7627 Sampling Design and Survey Research Methods Comprehensive overview of methodological issues in sampling and survey research, particularly the impact of sources of error in survey research.
ESQREM 7631 Applied Evaluation Designs Course information not available.
ESQREM 7643 Categorical Data Analysis Introduction to the analysis of categorical outcomes and related models for non-normal response data.
ESQREM 7648 GLM I: Introduction to Regression and ANOVA Analysis of univariate outcomes via regression and analysis of variance models for experimental and non-experimental research designs. Connections between ANOVA and regression models will be stressed, including analysis of variance, multiple comparison procedures, factorial analysis of variance, regression models and methods of entry, coding for categorical variables, and analysis of covariance.
ESQREM 7658 GLM II: Advanced Regression and ANOVA This course covers advanced regression and analysis of variance through the lens of the linear and generalized linear model (GLM). Value of the GLM and its connections between ANOVA and regression models, and treatment of continuous versus discrete outcomes will be stressed. We will cover interactions between categorical and continuous predictors in experimental and non-experimental designs, etc. Students should be comfortable analyzing data in SPSS; lab work will be supplemented with R.
ESQREM 7661 Instrument Construction Design of instruments for use in educational research and assessment, including surveys, with emphasis on standards for educational and psychology testing and cultural issues in instrument design.
ESQREM 7663 Test Reliability and Validity Conceptual underpinnings of test reliability and validity, historical examination of developments in reliability and validity, classical and modern trends of reliability and validity.
ESQREM 7667 Authentic Assessment Course information not available.
ESQREM 8648 Multivariate Experimental Design Design and analysis issues utilizing multivariate analysis of variance and discriminant analysis.
ESQREM 8658 Applied Multilevel Data Analysis Methods for the analysis of multilevel data with an emphasis on impact of intraclass correlation, analysis strategies, estimation, model testing, and interpretation.
ESQREM 8659 Structural Equation Modeling Basic concepts of structural equation modeling, including approaches to regression, path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and structural model building, as well as some advanced models.
ESQREM 8668 Longitudinal Data Analysis Course information not available.
ESQREM 8669 Advanced Structural Equation Modeling This course will cover the advanced topics of structural equation models including: structural equation models with categorical observed variables, interaction effects between latent factors, multilevel structural equation models, latent growth models, and growth mixture models. These techniques are useful for both experimental and non-experimental data; for cross-sectional datasets; and others.
ESQREM 8674 Scaling and Item Response Theory Models and methods for scaling data, with a focus on various IRT methods including the one-parameter model.
ESQREM 8725 Quantitative Methods Capstone Seminar This seminar is the capstone experience of the GIS in Quantitative Research Methods. Much of the work will be student-identified and student-led. The course will consist of work in: identification of new or emerging topics or software in quantitative methods; readings and discussion on advanced topics; student-led demonstrations or presentations; and GISQRM paper updates and progress reports. Students entering this course must have completed or nearly completed their GISQRM coursework.
ESQREM 8895 Seminars: QREM (e.g., advanced IRT) Seminar in topics of special interest.

Special Education

Department Course Course Number Course Name Course Description
ESSPED 8861 Single Case Research Design Designing, conducting, and critically evaluating research involving applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems and needs of individuals with disabilities in educational, clinical, and community settings.


Quantitative courses offered in Educational Studies for Spring 2024:

  • ESQREM 6625: Introduction to Educational Research
    • Tuba Gezer (Online; We 7:05PM – 9:45PM)
    • Tracey Stuckey (Online; Mo 8:00PM – 9:30PM)
  • ESQREM 6641: Introduction to Educational Statistics
    • Ian Wei (Cunz Hall 160; Tu 4:10PM – 6:50PM)
      • Valerie Ofori Aboah (Ramseyer Hall 329; We 12:45PM – 2:15PM)
      • Valerie Ofori Aboah (Ramseyer Hall 329; We 4:30PM – 6:00PM)
  • ESQREM 7635: Advanced Research Methods
    • Hyun Ji Lee (Ramseyer Hall 336; Tu 12:45PM – 3:25PM)
  • ESQREM 7648: GLM I: Introduction to Regression and ANOVA
    • Minjung Kim (Ramseyer Hall 136; We 9:35AM – 12:15PM)
      • Matthew O’Connor (Ramseyer Hall 329; Th 12:45PM – 2:15PM)
      • Matthew O’Connor (Ramseyer Hall 329; Th 4:30PM – 6:00PM)
  • ESQREM 7658: GLM II: Advanced Regression and ANOVA
    • Seong Ji Jeong (Psychology Bldg 014; Mo 4:10PM – 6:50PM)
      • Latif Kadir (Ramseyer Hall 329; Tu 12:45PM – 2:15PM)
      • Latif Kadir (Ramseyer Hall 329; Tu 4:30PM – 6:00PM)
  • ESQREM 8896: Seminars: Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement
    • Noemi Linares-Ramirez (Derby Hall 030; Th 4:30PM – 6:50PM)