Welcome to Ning Lab!

The Ning lab is conducting research on Data Mining, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics with applications for emerging critical problems in drug discovery, Medical Informatics, Health Informatics and e-Commerce. Please check the Research page for more information.


  • (07/21/2020) Ning Lab is recruiting MS and PhD students and Postdocs. Please check the Openings┬ápage for more information.
  • (07/21/2020) Ning will teach CSE 5523 Machine Learning and Statistical Pattern Recognition in Autumn, 2020
  • (07/21/2020) Ning will co-teach BMI 8050.01 – 10 Special Topics in BMI: Natural Language Processing in Biomedical Research in Autumn, 2020
  • (07/03/2020) Check out our most recent manuscript on sequential recommendation using light-weighted, hybrid associations models, together a comprehensive study of the state-of-the-art sequential recommendation methods.