The Lab provides unique opportunities and environment for the development of cutting-edge AI/ML methodologies and the application of the methods in high-impact, real-life medical and health problems. The NingLab focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI (genAI), for Science (GenAI4Science), with applications in drug discovery (e.g., drug design via 2D molecular graph generation and 3D molecule shape generation, peptide generation), healthcare and medicine (e.g., drug repurposing and early onset detection for Alzheimer’s diseases, electronic health record retrieval, cancer drug selection), and Recommender Systems (e.g., sequential recommendation, recommendation based on LLMs).

Some facts about the OSU:

Some quick facts about Columbus, OH (14th-most populous city in the U.S.)


The Lab currently (as of Oct, 2023) has multiple openings for Ph.D students, MS/undergrad students and postdocs. Please check the corresponding pages under “Openings” for more information.