The Lab is seeking multiple postdocs, starting immediately (i.e., Autumn 2021) until the positions are filled. The postdoc candidates are expected to have a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or related disciplines (e.g., Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Automation), conduct independent research in Artificial IntelligenceData Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics (e.g., doing research on sparse learning, metric learning, kernel methods, learning to rank, recommender systems, graph mining, point processes, deep learning) and have strong communication skills and leadership. The postdoc candidates are also expected to be highly self-motivated and have had a clear career goal set in mind. The postdocs will assist PI Ning on the methodology development in the current projects. Please check the Research page for more information.

Compensation and benefits will be very competitive. If interested, please contact Dr. Ning with the updated CV, transcripts (both undergrad and graduate) and 3 representative publications.