Ph.D. Students

NingLab is seeking 4 Ph.D. students for research on AI4Science, starting as early as Spring 2024, with full Graduate Research Assistantship support available for 5 years. The students will help develop novel AI technologies for (1) omics analysis and drug repurposing for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD); (2) electronic health record analysis and mobile health for AD; (3) recommender systems; (4) genAI for drug design; and (5) LLMs.

Ideal candidates should be self-motivated and determined. They are expected to have a strong background in Computer Science and Engineering. Extensive programming experience and prior research experience are preferred. Knowledge and experience in Biology, Chemistry or Medicine are preferred but not required.

Ph.D. students will be recruited through the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department (i.e., upon graduation, they will be granted CSE degrees). Thus, they need to apply through CSE and satisfy the CSE admission requirements ( If the students are interested in Spring 2024 or Autumn 2024 admission, please contact Dr. Ning with the updated CV and transcripts.