One of my goals for this trip was to get a better grasp of the different architectural styles. Here is one sketch of what I learned from the architecture gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The other sketch is of Stourhead, one of my favorite locations from the trip.



Post-Trip: London Withdrawl Symptoms

IMG_5348 IMG_5317 IMG_5550

This trip was one of the most fabulous trips I have ever been on. The UK was such a different place, even though I would consider it one of the global cultures more similar to that of America. Back in the states, I find myself deeply missing London and its many perks. I miss the mixture of fantastic architecture, both old and modern, that was present everywhere. I miss the convenience of the Tube. I miss a lot of the small things as well that were not blatantly apparent to me while visiting there but are definitely missing here. The friendliness of the London red color that marked public service areas, the quaint view right outside the hotel window, the street art and artists– these are all minor elements that together added up to a unique culture. And, of course, I terribly miss the tea and scones. Hopefully I will be able to travel there again sometime in the future. In the meantime, I will sip the tea I brought back with me and start making a bucket list for London round two!

I can’t express how fulfilling this trip was. It exceeded all of my expectations, which were not low either. Thank you, everyone, for being such a pleasure to get to know and travel with! Cheers!


Kew Gardens

We were blessed with ideal weather again today! The morning was clothed in the typical London fog, giving Kew Gardens a delicate look at first view. As the day went on, the sun came out and warmed the temperature up. We really had the best of both worlds when it came to weather!

Kew itself was full of amazing things to see. My group wanted to try and see as much as possible, so we ambitiously planned to take a walk around the whole garden. We actually made it without being incredibly late to tea! Some of my favorite spots were the magnolia grove, the Queen’s Yard, and the mushroom sculptures. Magnolias are my favorite flowers, and they were in full bloom. Their gorgeous pink petals were scattered delicately on the grass everywhere. All of these elegant trees huddled together along a sunny path were the epitome of springtime to me. The Queen’s Yard was stunning as well. I have always loved the look of a formalized, manicured garden alongside a traditional building. The bushes were trimmed to perfection. I could really appreciate the amount of time put into trimming the leaves around the area. The British’s attention to their gardens is one of many characteristics I absolutely love about them. Lastly, the mushroom sculptures crafted from wood we another favorite. They were made on a giant scale, skewing proportion and making it seem as if we were traveling through one ginormous garden. Overall, it was beautiful to be able to see how each section of the garden was placed strategically to create a wonderful sense of flow for the visitors.

Only two days left in London! I hope I can really make the most of the rest of this fantastic trip. Cheers!