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  1. Leaving London is hard because I have fallen in love with this city and the uniqueness of its architecture! Because this was my first trip abroad, it has really taught me a lot about different cultures- not only the culture of London, but many others from the people that I met there. It really felt like a melting pot similar to America. This experience has given me a little taste of all that is out there and definitely made me want to travel abroad again- and back to London eventually! I am extremely happy to have gone on a structured visit to this city in which I could see as much as possible in the small amount of time that I was there! This will be an experience I will never forget!

  2. It is hard to sum up everything that I have learned and experienced in London in a few posts. I had the most amazing time and met some great people along the way. This trip allowed me to experience the culture of other places and see how it compares and contrasts to culture in America. The ability to experience topics I learned about in class, first-hand is something that I will never forget. This trip, along with the study abroad trip I took last spring break, has encouraged me to want to continue traveling in the future for longer periods of time.

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